There's been a recent surge in obsession over bathrooms, pantries, and closets organized with impeccable meticulousness, and the only way to describe the levels of exactitude displayed is house goals. If you've come across one of these oddly satisfying photos, you're more than likely looking at the wizardly work of Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the founders of The Home Edit, a professional home organization company that melds traditional organizing with design and interior styling. California transplants, Clea and Joanna just launched a book that we selfishly hope uncovers the secret to their unparalleled precision when it comes to putting things in their place and making the result look like a piece of art. Out now, The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals has taken the Nashville residents on the road for a sold-out nationwide book tour, but that didn't stop the founders from answering our burning questions about spring cleaning bathrooms and beauty cabinets à la The Home Edit. Ahead, Clea and Joanna share their top organizing tips for keeping makeup and hair products tidy, making the most out of tight drawers and vanity space, and their favorite products from The Container Store to get the job done. Keep reading for the key to a total bathroom refresh.

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The most effective way to declutter any space is doing a major purge. Even if you *think* you need or use all your products, you don’t. In fact, most of them are probably expired. Start by emptying everything out of your cabinets and drawers (and we mean everything) and group the items into categories (lipstick, blush, face masks, etc.). Go through each category and toss any product that is damaged or expired. Next, look for any duplicates and set those aside to toss or give to a friend. As for the remaining items, it's judgment day. Although you may think you need five lipsticks in the same color, it's only taking up valuable real estate for newer products you will use.

Small Spaces 

When deciding on organizational tools, focus on storage solutions that will streamline your routine. It helps to consider what items you need within your immediate reach and make sure they remain visible and accessible—all the other items can be neatly stowed away. Items like baskets, dividers, jars, and turntables will help you maximize the space you have and create a system that works for you. We love an aesthetically pleasing space but just remember—function comes first.

1. For small spaces or bathrooms without storage, take advantage of wall and door space with:

2. Make the most of our bathroom cabinets by stacking acrylic storage drawers on each shelf. Not only can you hold more products, but everything stays separated and organized. We suggest:

3. A divided turntable is one of our favorite items for small space storage. It’s perfect for beauty products because it contains, separates, and spins for easy access to everything: 

4.  Maximize the space under your bathroom sink by using stackable drawers or bins (with inserts if needed!):

Beauty Products

Create a daily drawer or bin that holds all of your everyday items. It will save you time in the morning since everything will be at your fingertips. Even if the contents are random, it makes a difference if everything is categorized.

Label your categories! Labeling makes your items easier to spot so you never have to waste time scavenging. Plus, it doubles as a guilt mechanism when you’re about to shove something where it doesn’t belong.

Hair tools: 





Other various small items: 

Bathroom Drawers

For drawers, we like to use a combination of acrylic dividers and test multiple configurations to come up with the smartest solution for the given space. It's important to remember that the depth of the inserts should match up with the drawer where it will live. 

Don’t forget: Too many storage containers in a small area count as clutter, too.  If you’re working with a drawer or cabinet, make sure to measure the height, length, and width before buying storage supplies. It will save you frustration and a trip back to the store. 

For shallow drawers: 

For deep drawers: 


We suggest keeping only your staples in the shower and utilizing vertical space. For your back stock shampoo, conditioners, shower gels, etc. store them in a separate bin and place in cabinet or closet, and switch out when necessary. 

Toiletries Closet

Roll towels instead of folding them to save space! If you don’t have enough closet room, you can always stack rolled towels on a bench or upright in a basket.

To organize various sets of sheets and linens, we recommend storing each set inside a corresponding pillow case. This allows them to stay neatly contained on the shelf and the pillowcase helps you easily identify the set you’re looking for.

Utilizing bins will help separate your miscellaneous toiletries into categories and keep your shelves neat and organized.


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