Oh Sheet! Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets Just Dropped

Sheet just hit the fan! Anti-Frizz Sheets are here and the end of your frizzy hair days are near. Quickly tame frizz and turn off staticy strands with just a few swipes of our purse-portable smoothing sheets over your roots to ends. Ingredients like hemp paper, coconut oil, and shea butter leave hair shiny, smooth and free from fly aways. Seriously, this sheet is bananas. Scroll head to see for yourself! 

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Read our Q&A below or hit play to see Anti-Frizz Sheets in action.

OUAI Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

How are Anti-Frizz Sheets different from using a dryer sheet?
Unlike your dingy dryer sheet, our purse-portable Anti-Frizz Sheets are formulated with Hemp Paper, an eco-friendly material strong enough to tamp down frizz, Coconut Oil to clam frizz and smooth down flyaways, and Shea Butter to add lightweight shine for a healthy finish. Plus, they’re free of parabens, animal testing, and sodium chloride.

Does it share a scent with any other OUAI products?
Girl, we’re glad you asked. Yes! Wrapped into each of our Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets is OUAI Nº4, the same swoon-worthy fragrance from our Hair Oil. Swipe, slay frizz, and smell good.

How do I use this sheet?
Swipe one sheet from root to ends to eliminate static, smooth flyways, condition, and enhance shine.

How many sheets come in one pack?

15 sheets per pack.