New Year, New Product; Dry Shampoo Foam

With the end of our first year approaching (!!), we thought it would be a good time launch something totally new and innovative; a Dry Shampoo Foam. Yes, you heard that right; a foam. And honestly it’s so next-level, we can’t wait for you to try it when we debut it on our website when it launches on January 13th. 

WTF? (Why The Foam)

As always, when we develop new products you and your real life hair are our top priority. We want every one of our products, tools, and tutorials to give you the power to achieve your #hairgoals, no matter who you are or how much time you have to get ready. In our opinion - and you know this already -  you shouldn’t need access to a full glamsquad for your hair to look dope.

The idea for the Dry Shampoo Foam came about because we realized that as much as we love traditional dry shampoo, washing was the only real way clear product build-up and get that ‘clean’ feeling (not to mention clean smell). But at the same time, who has time for a full wash and style? With foam, we discovered that we could mimic the cleansing power of a wash AND keep the convenience and ease of dry shampoo. When applied, the foam breaks up grime and excess product and leaves your hair feeling clean and refreshed. It’s still ‘dry’ (you apply it to dry hair and it won’t ruin your blow out) but it cleanses more thoroughly than a powder. We liken it to taking your hair to the dry cleaner! It’s formulated with diatomaceous earth to actually remove buildup and panthenol to hydrate and protect the hair against future damage. Rub it from root to tip, for fresh, voluminous (seriously) hair that could pass for day one (even on days three, four and five)

If your goal is to extend the time between washes, go from the gym to your desk or you’re the type of girl that changes you mind about a hairstyle midway through styling, this is the foam-ula you’ve been waiting for. 


Go hard, then go foam. Coming January 13th.