Frizz has a fugly way of creeping up on us. The moment we walk into humidity, or the millisecond our mane finishes air drying, it goes hiii, I’m here to make your life a living hell. Kinda like a social media troll who won’t leave you alone until you’re forced to block their bored, sorry bum. Ugh, do you mind?! Truth be told, the only way to evict frizz for good is making it your frenemy. How? By calling on your anti-frizz BFF, the powerhouse duo that is OUAI Smooth Spray and Memory Mist!

Allow us to explain. ICYMI—Smooth Spray is our new leave-in conditioner slash detangler that protects against heat and eliminates frizz in a flash for a super-sleek look. To the thin and oily-haired peeps who are wondering–yes, yes, a thousand times yes, Smooth Spray is safe to use on your hair because it’s SO lightweight, it’ll never OUAI you down. Then there’s Memory Mist, a heat protectant spray that locks in your style, shape, or texture. Once it’s activated with the heat of your blowdryer or heat tool, your hair will stay the way you styled it on day one until you shampoo it out (kinda cray, in the best way, right?!). For a frizz-free style, all you need is love—from Smooth Spray and Memory Mist. Ahead we break down how to use them together for shiny, runway-worthy hair that never has to fret over frizz or flyaways.


How to fight frizz and serve sleek in a cinch:

  1. Prep in the shower with your fave OUAI Shampoo and Conditioner

  2. When you hop out, spritz your damp hair with Smooth Spray, beginning from mid-length to ends

  3. Brush through tangles in a breeze like a boss

  4. Blow-dry hair all over (or air dry)

  5. After your flat iron heats up, spray Memory Mist on each 1-inch section of hair before straightening the whole head

  6. Finish the super shiny, frizz-free look with a 1-2 pumps of OUAI Hair Oil on the ends


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