Nothing is as elusive and on-trend right now as model off-duty hair; the effortless, low-key waves seen in almost every fashion week street style picture and lately, in tons of screen-grab worthy snaps and instagram posts. The thing is, the style really isn’t impossible achieve if you aren't a Swedish 14-year-old born who truly woke up like that. Here's a guide to nailing the model-off-duty look whatever your hair type.

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The key to perfecting this look is - without a doubt - using of the right products.  In order to achieve the style without spending hours on it, you’re going to need product to build up the texture of your natural hair. If your hair is naturally a little wavy (lucky you) all you need to do is prep your damp hair with OUAI Wave Spray then blowdry with your hands for texture. When you hair is dried, you have the option to go in with a flatiron and create an s-pattern on large sections of hair, straightening the final inch of the hair. Finish with OUAI Texturizing Hairspray and a small amount of OUAI Finishing Creme through the ends.


If your hair is super thin or straight, you need to create waves and volume, so you’ll want to prep your damp roots with our OUAI Soft Mousse then fake the bendy waves with our ‘clip trick’. All you do is push the hair up so it creates a bubble, clip it into place, then blowdry over it or let air dry. When you remove the clips, you’re left with subtle indents which are easy to build on with a Texturizing Spray.


Another important aspect of model-off duty hair (and one that people tend to forget) is hair health. Models know they will get a lot damage from styling and color so they are very cautious when it comes following a hair routine. The goal is to keep your hair healthy enough so that you can just pick up a can of texturizing spray and go.

Try this look and tag us in your selfies! And no, you don’t have to be a model to slay this style.