If we said you could stay out later, sleep in longer, and work out harder without losing every precious grain of sand from your day’s hourglass, all while keeping your hairstyle in perf shape, you wouldn’t believe us, right? Right. It’s like saying pigs can fly. Well, pigs still can’t fly but get this, boo! The Wonder Woman of hair products just swooped in and we’re stoked for you to make her yours. Meet Memory Mist, our lightweight priming mist for all hair types that you spray onto your strands before styling. Don’t get it twisted—this isn’t a hairspray, nope, nuh uh! A true dream come true for your ‘do, Memory Mist memorizes your hair’s shape and texture, while adding heat protection and shine, until you shampoo it out. Mind. Blown. We know, it sounds too turnt to be true.

For a shiny, bouncy unbothered blowout, mist Memory Mist lightly onto damp hair before blow drying; or for a long-lasting hairstyle, apply it to dry hair before using your heat tool. The heat from your dryer or iron activates the memory technology, leaving your locks close to invincible until their next date with suds. Oh, and did we mention Memory Mist also keeps frizz in check? Obvi! With the help of prickly pear extract, fugly frizz stays far, far away. If your mane is looking for marriage material, get with Memory Mist pronto—so you can set it and forget it, and sashay away with more time to play! Because seriously, who has time to re-style their strands every single day? Girl bye, no one!

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Read our Q&A below or hit play to learn how to use Memory Mist, from the Wonder Woman of hair herself, Jen Atkin.

OUAI Haircare Memory Mist

How is Memory Mist different from hairspray?
Unlike traditional hairspray, Memory Mist is a priming spray that maintains your hairstyle for way longer (until you shampoo it out!), protects hair from heat of up to 450°F, and never leaves a sticky residue—but always leaves it shiny and frizz-free.

How does it work? 
Memory Polymers memorize and lock in your hair’s shape and texture, Prickly Pear Extract tames frizz and adds shine, while Thermal Polymers condition and protect hair from heat styling up to 450 degrees. 

When should I apply it?
Mist Memory Mist lightly and evenly onto damp hair in sections prior to blow-drying or apply it onto dry hair before using a straightener or curling iron.

Will this work on super fine hair?
It will! If you're the type of girl whose hair goes flat before you get out the door, Memory Mist is your new savior. It may not last quite as long as it does on other hair types, but trust your hair won't turn into a pumpkin before you get home from the ball.