*Styles hair once*, slays all week. Call it magic, but that's the Memory Mist motto. Our pre-styling mist locks in your hair's style, shape, and texture so you can spend less time getting ready and more time living life (with selfie-ready hair). Now we're letting real OUAI babes put it to the test. First up: stylist slash mermaid Sarah Peinado. Scroll through Sarah's photo diary to see how her flat but fierce hair held up over three days with Memory Mist. 

OUAI Memory Mist

What is your natural hair type/texture?
My hair is naturally straight, and because of its length it can get flat if I don't spray something on the roots. I got a color correction a couple months ago, so my hair needs some extra conditioning. I like to use the Ouai Volume Shampoo and the Ouai Repair Conditioner.   

How do you normally style your hair?
I normally style my hair very simple and low key. I use the Ouai Hair Oil at ends and wrap my hair in a low bun once my hair is half air-dried. I then tousle it a bit and spray the Ouai Texturizing Spray on roots and front ends.  

Using Memory Mist, I went all out and actually style my hair. I curled sections of my hair for a good ol’ beachy look. I used to take time to do this when I was younger, but ain't nobody got time for that!! So I gave it a go to fully benefit from the new product.

Day 1 

Which celebrity = hair goals?
I think Gisele Bünchden and Natasha Poly have been my constant favorites. Their color and texture is so effortless looking. I'm very into the pretty yet a little disheveled look. I think it's a good thing when it looks like you didn't take two hours to get ready (even if you did!).

How often do you wash/style your hair?
I used to LOVE washing my hair every single day. I just loved the feeling (and being clean I guess lol). BUT, my hair was getting so brassy so I finally stopped over-washing. I now wash my hair every 3 days, give or take. I style my hair with my little bun trick the first day, then sleep with a braid and I'm good to go the next day.

Day 2

How does your styled hair feel with Memory Mist? 
It felt super light and soft to the touch. And smelled so good but not like I had a ton of product in my hair.

How does your hair look after day 1, 2, and 3 post styling?
My hair held its wave, especially the front pieces which I think I sprayed Memory Mist more on. I slept with a low loose bun one night, and a VERY loose braid the other to keep my hair from getting damaged at the ends. I didn't need hair oil, but I did use my Ouai Texturizing Spray (at roots only) because I am addicted and just love the smell :)

How long did your style last with Memory Mist?
I think it lasted the third day really well. It looked pretty yet natural each day. I think on my next wash, I’ll style the front pieces back with pins for a lil Frenchie look. I think the way the waves held would look so cute with this style!

Day 3


What activities did you partake in during each day so we can get a full picture of what your hair holds up against with Memory Mist? (i.e. pilates, photoshoot, night out, etc.)
My hair survived office life for two days, and a half day shoot on the third. I was in AC buildings, but my hair normally doesn't freak out in heat or humidity anyway. Sorry in advance to those whose hair doesn't behave in the summer heat! 

Do you have any tips/tricks you’d suggest to others using Memory Mist?
I think I would spray a little more where my hair doesn't hold so much. I'll also use the spray in sections where I curl my hair instead of just spraying on the outside of my hair.


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