Suns out, buns out and so is the news about Sun of a Beach Ombré Spray, our new sun-activated hair lightener that brightens existing highlights, and adds a touch of sunshine to any hair color sans parabens and sodium chloride. Formulated with a special blend of coconut water, lemon and pineapple juices, Sun of a Beach Spray smells like a tropical paradise (more on that later) and keeps your hair color looking lit all year long—just a few minutes under the sun required. 

Don’t have blonde hair? Beach please, brunettes can get in on the fun too. Check it—Sun of a Beach not only works to brighten existing highlights and lighten blonde hair without making it look brassy, but it also lightens brown hair to a glowy copper. Sounds too lit to be legit, huh? Finally, a DIY (Dye It Yourself) lightening spray that won’t make your hair dry as hay.  

Sun of a Beach Spray

Okay, so if Sun of a Beach is made without parabens or sodium chloride, then what is it made of? So glad you asked. First up, a tropical citric acid blend of Lemon-Pineapple Juice gradually lightens the hair when exposed to sunlight while Coconut Water nourishes and hydrates your mane for more natural-looking highlights. Basically, we bottled beachy highlights minus the big bucks and brassiness, so you can bag the hair of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.  

For sun-streaked highlights, spray Sun of a Beach Spray on clean towel-dried hair and comb through before exposing hair to direct sunlight. Level up and go even lighter by repeating that daily until reaching your desired highlights. For surfer ombré, divide into sections, spray evenly onto hair from mid-lengths to ends then comb through. Step into direct sunlight to activate then repeat daily (once a day at most) until your dream beach hair hue appears. If you’re looking to add lightness all over, mist Sun of a Beach Spray onto clean, damp hair from roots to ends, comb through and bask in the sun.

As if introducing a sun-kissed hair color-inducing concoction that doesn’t cost a pretty penny or require the peroxide plunge wasn’t enough, we’re adding a fresh swoon-worthy scent to the mix: Summer OUAI, a blend of Fijian coconut and pineapple. Mmm, if only this were a scratch-and-sniff story. Until some genius invents that feature on the digital front, you’ll have to wait till May 1st to get a whiff of Sun of a Beach Spray. Lastly, might we suggest you call your colorist stat to let them know you won’t be coming in for your appointment.  

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