Ouai Haircare Supplements


The top three hair problems I hear my clients, and women around the world, complain about are dryness, oily scalp and thinning hair. For years, they’ve been told that a shampoo or conditioner can solve these problems, but that’s just not realistic. Really achieving great hair is equal parts internal and external care, but there hasn’t been a brand that delivers on both. For years, I’ve been sending my clients to the pharmacy and vitamin shoppes to try to bridge the gap. Now I don’t have to. My prescriptions, as I call them, (because I think I’m doctor) are customized to address hair health from the inside out. I’ve seen our supplements dramatically improve the hair of my girlfriends and clients and it’s been a priority of mine to share those benefits with my followers, the OUAI community and the masses.

A little over two years ago, I began meeting with chemists and doctors around the world to explore formulations that were more impactful than my health food aisle concoctions. We found exceptional ingredients and then I drove a team of scientists crazy testing them. Eventually, my team and I narrowed down our ingredient list and initial formulas for three separate supplements, all made to give you real results. And then a star was born.

Just kidding, there was way more work to do as we continued to refine the formulas to get the results I wanted. Then there was the matter of the pills themselves, I wanted to make sure it fit our aesthetic and our busy girl’s lifestyle. Tiny pills you had to remember to take two or three times a day weren’t going to cut it. Gigantic, ugly pills wouldn’t work either.

Two years after we started, we got them right. Like, really right. Coming soon, our three MD formulated supplements, each a fresh cocktail of vitamins, biotin, omegas, and natural extracts will be available to the world.


Ladies and gentleman: Introducing Oily, Dry and Thinning.

Oily is designed for the girl who has to wash every day. It works to restore the scalp’s natural balance, operating a bit like an oil blotter and helping to extend your time between washes. Only one pill a day re-balances your sebum production and nourishes your scalp. If you can’t leave the house without a tiny bottle of dry shampoo and rice papers then you need this in your life. Take it for 90 days and let’s talk.

Here’s what’s in it

  • Green Tea Extract to regulate oil gland function.
  • Niacin to naturally reduce sebum production.
  • Biotin to accelerate your natural hair growth.
  • Omega 3 & 6 to make your hair shiny, radiant and nourished without being greasy.

Dry is a must for you if your hair is prone to drinking conditioner. Bleached babes, frizzy girls and flaky scalps will all find a new best friend in Dry. A combination of vitamin E, iron, and silica feeds your follicles with hydrating nutrients. Dry replenishes moisture and gives you shinier, stronger hair that can stand up to a brush without breaking.

Here’s what’s in it

  • Silica to make your hair softer and silkier.
  • Vitamin E to moisturize and fortify your hair.
  • Biotin to help all that good, soft hair grow longer and shinier.
  • Omega 3 & 6 to boost radiance and give you gorgeous skin and nails.

Thinning is for you if you feel like you hair just isn’t what it used to be, whether that’s a loss of volume or luster. It’s also a must for girls growing out their lobs or realizing that maybe bangs aren’t for them after all. Thinning works for pretty much anyone who wants better hair and more of it (so, everyone). It’s a powerful punch of vitamins and nutrients that supports healthy growth and restores hair to its glory days.

Here’s what in it

  • MSM, the bioactive form of sulfur, promote keratin creation and increase hair growth.
  • Ashwagandha to reduce cortisol in the body and promote growth.
  • Black currant seed oil is packed with essential fatty acids, combating hair loss.
  • Amino Acids to drive increased keratin production to fortify strands.
  • Biotin to accelerate natural hair growth.
  • Omegas 3 & 6 to restore the shine that can be lost with age.


So here’s to our next chapter, to more effortless beauty and better hair without more time in front of the mirror.  Let’s all get #OUAIAddicted together.

xoxo Jen