After resisting her natural curls for so long, Tyla-Lauren Gilmore said bye to her hot tools and warmly welcomed the natural texture she straightened to death for over a decade. With a knack for natural hair—and not to mention major Parisienne meets street chic style—the natural hair and lifestyle influencer is encouraging other girls to do the same. Here Tyla-Lauren lets us in on her go-to curl refreshing hacks, favorite pre-shampoo treatment and more curly hair tips fit for a carefree coil routine.

How would you describe your natural hair texture?

3B/3C. I was so ashamed of my hair up until college and after I went natural I finally felt like my true self. Now my curls make me feel bold, strong, and beautiful.

Break down your everyday curl routine for us.

I have my hair in a wash and go for most of the week so I usually refresh my curls using the OUAI Leave In Conditioner or Cantu Comeback Curl Revitalizer every morning.

What’s your favorite curl: 

Do you have any post-shower curl rituals you swear by?

Always dry with a microfiber towel! Devacurl has a great microfiber towel, and to enhance my curls, I love Devacurl’s Devafuser. 

What’s the best curl advice you’ve ever received?

My best friend back in college told me people pay for my natural hair and all I did was damage it with heat. She's one of the reasons I went natural.

Is there a pricey curl product that you think is worth every penny?

Philip Kingsley Elastizer is an amazing pre-shampoo treatment that works wonders for frizz-free styles.

Is there an overlooked drugstore curl product that you think every curly babe should own?

Garnier Curl Stretch Pudding.

Favorite curl crushes on Instagram?

@laurenlewiss_@curlsandcouture, and @hermela.


Watch OUAI Curl Jelly in action