Keeping Up with Her Curls: Ocean Lewis

With a head full of eye-catching curls and a super-cool name like Ocean, our curly crush this week is impossible to miss on social media. The 18-year-old London-based track star is signed with Nike, has shot with ASOS, and posed for a Pretty Little Thing campaign, all while training to take home the gold one day at the Olympics. Ahead, Ocean gives us a rundown of her curl routine, the product she avoids at all costs, and how she gets that subtle sun-kissed hue to her naturally dark brown hair.

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How would you describe your natural hair texture?

My natural hair has always been quite soft, it’s recently changed its curl pattern to more tight ringlets, whereas before it had a lot of frizz (someone finally learnt about curl moisturizer).

Did you ever have an “aha moment” or story about embracing your curls full speed ahead?
I didn’t really start embracing my hair until I had it dyed from naturally dark to a lighter brown. I’ve always been a tomboy so most of my early years consisted of a tight, slicked back ponytail—all I cared about was whether or not I could see the football, not if my curls were ‘popping’. I was around 14 years old when I started to wear my hair down and as a result, I was scouted for a hair show. My hair colourist @paisley.scott lifted me from my black color to a light brown and I loved it! Since then, we’ve really invested in my hair as it’s definitely now a big part of my image.


Break down your everyday curl routine for us.
I try to do as little as possible daily. I usually spritz water and apply some Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner on my hair to refresh my curls. Some days, though, I don’t have to do anything. 

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What’s your favorite curl:

Do you have any post-shower curl rituals you swear by?
After I wash my hair with conditioner, I reapply the conditioner I washed out and rake through the product with my fingers. I find this stops my curls from being flat yet still defined.


Are you a fan of the diffuser? If so, what’s your favorite way to use it?
Yes, I love it! It took me a while to find a way that worked for me, initially big clumps of my hair would dry out and frizz. I avoid hair at the edge of my hairline all the way through and behind my ear and also the ends of my hair, as they air dry nicer. The roots, though, I go all for it! I use the diffuser as a huge Afro comb almost to lift the curls as I’m drying.

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Do you have any air-drying hacks?

Letting my hair air dry for 20 minutes helps my curls define themselves. I then diffuse for 10 minutes. I don’t diffuse until my hair is 100% dry, more like 80%.


Do you use a special towel to dry hair?

Microfiber towel from DevaCurl, I just bought it online.


Who cuts and colors your curls?
Paisley has always coloured my hair, I wouldn’t go to anyone else. My mum actually cuts my hair, as I’ve had some bad experiences with getting my hair professionally cut.

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Who are your curly-haired beauty icons?

Lauren Lewis and Brit Watkins.


What’s the best curl or hair advice you’ve ever received, and from who?
Whilst detangling, you can never have too much conditioner. Christina Santini
mentioned that in one of her hair tutorials that I came across when I was, like, 14.

Name an overlooked drugstore curl product that you think every curly babe should own.
An Afro comb! I swear, my life changed after I bought one. They are really cheap too. They can give you so much volume within a matter of seconds, a curly girl’s dream.

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