Keeping Up With Her Curls: Lauren Lewis

When you’re in the mood to marvel at curls larger than life, look no further than the Instagram of Lauren Lewis, the beauty and lifestyle influencer who’s been trekking across the globe with her equally-curly BFF Nia, on what they dubbed the “Go with the Fro Tour.” Given Lauren’s YouTube channel is a treasure chest full of curly hair hacks and tutorials, and her feed fuels our itch to travel, it's obvi why she's a must-follow on every platform. As part of our new series, Keeping Up with Her Curls, the Nicaragua-born beauty, who currently lives in Amsterdam, breaks down her curly hair routine, her favorite air drying method, and the drugstore curl conditioners her kinks can’t live without, ahead.


How would you describe your natural hair texture?
Soft, bouncy and light. Most people think my hair is thick, but in fact itʼs pretty fine. I just have a lot of hair! 

In 3 words, how do your curls make you feel?
Unique, confident and powerful.

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Break down your everyday curl routine for us.

I don't do my hair everyday, you don't need to style curls everyday and I prefer to leave my hair as it is, but when I style my hair, this is what I do: Wash my hair with Design Essentials Coconut Milk Shampoo then condition with DevaCurl Ultra Moisturizing Decadence Milk Conditioner. I detangle my hair while the conditioner is still in my hair, using my fingers and a wide-tooth comb. I rinse out the conditioner, partially, because I love leaving some product in my hair. When I move on to styling, my fav leave-in conditioner is by Kinky-Curly Knot Today. For hold and definition, I use DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel then scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! Then I use a diffuser to create volume and definition. I finish with my favorite oil ever, Moroccanoil Treatment Original

Who cuts and colors your curls?
I trim my own hair! I got it colored in Amsterdam at The Color Salon by Floor Mulder.

Who are your curly-haired beauty icons?
My best friend @NiaTheLight. We donʼt have similar hair but her hair is just amazing! And @Hermela is just the queen of defined curls!

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Do you have any air drying hacks?

Use a micro-fiber towel to get rid of the water in your hair and shake your curls a few times during the drying process create volume.


Are you a fan of the diffuser?
LOVE IT, I canʼt live without it. I live in Amsterdam, where I canʼt rely on the weather to be nice and hot. I use a diffuser on styled curls. I let the products sit for 10 minutes before I start diffusing.

Whatʼs the best curly hair advice youʼve ever received, and from who?
Using a T-shirt and micro-fiber towel to dry my curls, and using an afro pick to lift up the roots.

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Name a pricey curl product that you think is worth every penny.

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel.


What's an overlooked drugstore curl product that you think every curly babe should own?
Garnier hair masks, theyʼre so good. And OGX has some amazing conditioners as well.


Keep up with Lauren's curls on Instagram, here.