When your passport boasts as many stamps as celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin's, your job title should actually be captain of the frequent flyer club. And that she is—whether Jen's boarding a flight to New York for an Anti-Frizz Sheets business trip or jetting to Morocco to ride camels with her bestie Chrissy Teigen, the girl boss on the go somehow keeps her skin, strands, and immune system in A1 shape. So if you're heading home for the holidays or getting OUAIsted sans your annoying fam elsewhere, keep reading for Captain Atkin's holiday travel tips, including her beauty essentials for maintaining lush skin on a long flight, the key to a quick airport to party hair change, and more flying advice.

Pamper Overtime

I never fly without my Slip Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase, they’re perfect for maintaining soft hair on a long flight. The OUAI Hair Oil can double as both a styling product and mask so that you can wear it while you’re on the plane for extra shine and treatment. Also, I love the KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask. I travel so much that I use my time in the air as beauty-time! I don’t care how crazy I look, I always wear a sheet mask on the plane (lately I’m into SK-II Facial Treatment Mask), coat my lips in Glossier Balm Dotcom, and drink a full liter of water during the flight.


Protect Your Tools

If I only had room for one heat tool in my suitcase, it would be my Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. It’s so small and easy to travel with and dries the hair so much faster than the traditional blow dryer. For my heat tools, I actually use these pouches made for traveling with wine. They fit my tools perfectly and keep them from burning everything else in my kit when I'm packing up in a hurry.

Pack Duckbill Clips In Your Carry-On

One of my favorite tricks for styling hair is ‘the clip trick.’ This is an easy no-fuss way to get incredible natural looking waves to take you from airport to anywhere. Spray damp hair generously with OUAI Wave Spray, then use duckbill clips to create a dent in the hair while pushing the hair up at the root. Then put the clip into place, pushing the hair up underneath it, and clipping into place until the entire head has been clipped and the hair has an S-pattern wave. Let air dry or blow dry the hair then remove the clips, scrunch, and you’ve got beach waves! I also love a messy bun with a Chloe + Isabel Safety Pin Bun Cuff! Adding a hair accessory is the perfect way to dress up your quick and easy hairstyle.


Take a Shot of This

I always travel with Apple Cider Vinegar and take a shot almost everyday. ACV has so many great health benefits. And The Honest Company makes the best hand sanitizer spray. It smells good and doesn't dry out my hands.


Travel In Style

I use CALPAK Luggages, because they're durable, and spacious on the inside—perfect for all the traveling I do and being on-the-go all the time. I honestly always have issues with products leaking, but I'm in the process of making leak-proof, lightweight, travel pouches so stay tuned!



Hair Oil

Wave Spray