Jen Atkin on the Inspiration Behind Air Dry Foam

Looong gone are the mornings of doing the most to make your hair look styled in a cinch because Air Dry Foam is here to stay, reform and slay your air-dry routine! In case you missed it, our Kale Extract-infused wash & wear formula defines your natural wave pattern while fighting frizz and adding shine. With the doyenne of effortless everything at OUAI's helm—Jen Atkin—a wash & wear foam that forms beachy air-dried waves and frees up so much of your time was inevitably in the cards. Here our CEO sounds off on who inspired Air Dry Foam's creation, her vision for the product, and answers some FAQ about it. 

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What or who was the inspiration behind Air Dry Foam? 

My clients and friends have been begging for a product so they can ditch the blow dryer! Air Dry Foam is just that—no dryer or hot tools needed, just wash & go! 

What was your goal for the product? 

Air Dry Foam was crowdsourced by us and made for you! When our followers asked for a product that would make their air-dried hair look magically styled without making hair heavy, crunchy or flat, our girl on the go gears started turning, and the result was Air Dry Foam. We created it for girls who don’t have time to style or choose not to blow dry their hair yet still want that perfect beachy shape. Wash & go then catch up on the 'gram kinda thing.

Describe the Air Dry Foam kinda girl.

It’s for the girl who’s crunched on time who wants to skip the braids, buns, and clips. What I like to do is apply five pumps into my palm (my hair is on the thicker side) then scrunch into damp hair. I fold the hair back and forth near the top in an accordion pattern and let the wave dry on its own.

It literally doesn’t get any easier than Air Dry Foam. How does this wash & wear product reflect your wish/goal for women everywhere when you founded OUAI? 

It’s for the girl on-the-go who doesn’t have 20 minutes to style her hair with hot tools.

Will Air Dry Foam give my hair volume? 

Air Dry Foam enhances your natural wave pattern so it will give a bit of volume throughout your hair. If you need extra volume you can spray a little OUAI Volume Spray directly on the roots before you use Air Dry Foam. 

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What hair types does Air Dry Foam work on? 


What hair types does Air Dry Foam not work on? 

Straight hair.

Can Air Dry Foam be used on dry hair too? 


Can you use Air Dry Foam with other OUAI styling products?

Yes! Curl Shampoo, Curl Conditioner, and Anti-Frizz Sheets.  

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