Happy birthday to us—today OUAI turns 3! Help us blow out our candles because we couldn't have done this without YOU. Keep reading for a few words from our founder, Jen Atkin.


To the OUAI fam on our 3rd birthday, I was recently looking at my 2018 goals list for OUAI. It reads:

  1. Come out with full-size fragrances
  2. Make hair and body products 
  3. Make a pet shampoo
  4. Move offices

Three out of four isn't bad (the new office is coming soon)! 

OUAI Turns 3 OUAI Birthday Jen Atkin Founder Sephora

We've had such an incredible year, and it’s all because of you. It’s so fulfilling to feel super connected to our fans and to be able to create new products together. And wow, what a crazy ride it’s been! When I look back at pictures of Mike photographing our first shampoos in the kitchen of a rental we lived in, it brings tears to my eyes. The way you've embraced our concept of a socially connected brand is something we couldn’t have imagined. Like for example; our full-size fragrances sold out in 3 days! In a recent team meeting, we looked at our original brand mission and I’m proud to say we've managed to stay true to our vision:

  • To empower women through the confidence that comes from feeling effortlessly beautiful.
  • To be luxurious, straightforward, classy and affordable in a world full of over-complicated haircare products and uninspired marketing.
  • To promote realistic beauty.
  • To be a relatable brand that has a real dialogue with its customers, followers, and fans. 
  • To crowdsource on social media to make changes and create new products.
  • To evolve with our customers.

OUAI Turns 3 OUAI Pet Shampoo

Today, we're more than just a “new haircare brand” and honestly, the possibilities ahead are endless.

With that, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for engaging with us, tagging us in your flat lays and telling your friends and followers about us. Thank you for helping us create game-changing packaging and formulas and for repping your bags, hats, and slippers. You are what makes us a success and what inspires us to do what we do every day.

OUAI Turns 3 OUAI Birthday Jen Atkin Founder Anti Frizz Sheets

To my influencer friends and clients: 

I'm so proud that when people ask me how much we pay you to post about OUAI, I can still answer $0. Your support of the brand has always been authentic, and I'm incredibly grateful. Also, I've had so much fun watching you create and build your own brands and products. To see women holding the mic and making decisions is a dream come true and I hope we can continue to root for one another as we change the old guard in beauty and fashion.

OUAI Turns 3 OUAI Birthday Jen Atkin Founder Volumizing Hair Spray

To my fellow hairstylists:

Thanks for your continued support and love. We see all of your DMs asking for us to sell in salons and give discounts to professionals and we hear you! We're looking into loyalty programs for all of you. 

OUAI Turns 3 OUAI Birthday Alfred Coffee Melrose OUAI Woke

To the OUAI team:

Thank you for being my ride or dies. Building a brand from the ground up hasn’t been easy, but we've had a lot of fun along the way. You work so hard and make everything worthwhile (from testing products in my kitchen to our crazy merch meetings and events all over the world). The universe blessed me with all of you, and I can’t wait to see what we can do together this year.  And to our new CEO Colin, thank you for not being weird. We appreciate your guidance and your Dad jokes and are so lucky to have you leading us into the next chapter of OUAI.

OUAI Global Campaign Jen Atkin

To Mike: 

Thank you for believing in OUAI, reminding me of my strength, listening to me cry and for making everyday fun even when it's not. Also, thanks for feeding me homemade pasta and realizing we needed a puppy to go with our Pet Shampoo stock. I love you so much.

OUAI Sun of a Beach Spray Instagram

Here is a look back at 2018 for us at OUAI:

  • Launched and SOLD OUT full-size fragrances
  • Collab’d with Summer Fridays and SOLD OUT
  • Collab’d with Alfred Coffee and took over their Melrose location
  • Shot a new campaign (coming in the next few weeks!)
  • Opened up in all JCPenney Sephora locations
  • Went to Bermuda and Thailand with Revolve
OUAI Award Sephora Best Collaboration Dyson
  • Introduced Volumizing Hair Spray with the funniest mailer ever 
  • Launched Sun of a Beach Spray and got all of the ombré girls poppin' and got people DTF with our new Dry Texture Foam.
  • Launched Scalp & Body Scrub (we won’t talk about CBD, it's too painful)
  • Collab’d with Vanderpump pets and shot the most epic campaign for our Pet Shampoo
  • Visited our fam in Australia, Canada, and UK
  • Had our first two pop up to launches; Anti-Frizz Sheets in NYC and Sun of a Beach in LA