Are you sitting in front of your computer right now, perhaps drinking a glass of chilled rosé and lamenting your lack of yacht? We have good news for you, and sorry if that was misleading but no, it's not a yacht. It's our latest launch, OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil, a luxe multitasking oil that smells like night blooming flowers on Richard Branson's private island. Protective hair oil, fast-drying moisturizer, and part-time perfume with the golden pink hue of a chilled bottle of rosé, this is an oil that can do both. How'd we make it? Great question. We combined Abyssinian, Rosehip and Shea Oil with our signature OUAI No. 5 fragrance to cover all the bases: taming your summer frizz, protecting your strands from the sun and getting your bod glossy from head to toe.

Each oil adds its own nutrients, antioxidants and the ability to soften, smooth and hydrate. A few pumps will have your hair and skin glowing like a ten karat diamond and unlike most oils, it absorbs quickly, leaving behind the scent of OUAI No. 5 instead of a greasy residue. 

The fragrance is a blend of rose (duh), bergamot, lychee and white musk and, when combined natural goodness of our oils, it smells like a hug from someone who just stepped off a chartered jet from St. Barths. We made it for you because we know you're busy, you don't want to pack ten things in your weekender and you have waited verrrry patiently for a perfume.

Add it to your cart May 11th to:

  • Seal in moisture and shine
  • Protect against UV and heat damage
  • Soothe dry, cracked skin
  • Add a subtle glow anywhere on your body
  • Smell like you're rich

So get a bottle, pop a bottle and transform into the epitome of the OUAI girl; not a celebrity, but everyone thinks you are because your hair is perfect and you smell like you speak french.