OUAI was born out of a desire to upgrade your everyday routine with innovative products that make it easier for women to have amazing hair every day. Since our launch, everything we’ve created has been with the busy, low-maintenance woman who wants to werk without the work. With our newest product, we’ve taken on-the-go glam to an entirely new level.

 OUAI Haircare Memory Mist

Introducing Memory Mist, a true superhero product that’s about to change the way you style your hair forever. And that’s not being dramatic. As the name suggests, Memory Mist is a lightweight mist that you spray onto your hair before you style it. Then, as you style, the heat from your dryer or iron activates the memory technology and expertly locks in your style, holding it that way until your next shampoo. (Yes, even you limp-haired girl whose curls go flat in 5 minutes). Basically, you can now spend days at a time with the hair you’ve always wanted. It’s so much more than a hairspray, trust us.  

Made with Memory Polymers which memorize and lock in your hair’s shape and texture, Prickly Pear Extract which tames frizz and adds shine and panthenol to condition, protect, and increase radiance, we aren’t kidding when we say Memory Mist will change your hair game for good. It works on any hair type and can memorize any style, shape or texture you create and pretty much eliminate the need for next day touchups. Memory Mist also helps maintain hair health, reducing the need for heat styling, providing thermal protection up to 450 degrees and delivering UV protection to prevent oxidation, damage and color fade. We know, we know -  it all sounds like a dream, right? Luckily for you, it’s for real and it smells just as amazing as all of our other products. Think gardenia, musk ...

OUAI Haircare Memory Mist Image

If you’re ready to make your style last days longer without any extra effort, you’re ready for Memory Mist. Just mist lightly onto damp or dry hair prior to styling and voilà - you can spend days with hair you’ve always wanted. 


Or as we say it; set it and forget it. SHOP NOW