Awhile back we reached out to you, our OUAI-fam, & all our other curly-girl fans via Facebook Live to get the low on what you were looking for in a curl product. The answer? You wanted something fit for your on-the-go lifestyle that hydrated your dry hair, eliminated frizz AND gave curls photo-ready, lasts-all-day shape and definition. Good news; we took your suggestions and made a product we know you’ll love; our all-new, all-you Curl Jelly.

Our one kind gel-oil formula, Curl Jelly is a one-step product for the curl on-the-go, delivering glossy, defined curls without any annoying stiffness or added weight. It’s the best of both worlds, because it feels like nothing in the hair but it wards off frizz and delivers glossy, defined curls that hold their shape. To achieve this level of amazingness we called on the power of silk proteins, that improve hair elasticity, smart keratin, which strengthens and repairs hair and an absinthium & moringa oil blend, which locks in moisture and tames flyaways.

Aside from the fact that Curl Jelly is the first crowd-sourced curl product, it’s unique because it’s a true wash-and-go product, fit for curls on the go. Nobody wants to mess around with cumbersome curl routines that involve some kind of twisting and require a whole multi-step product process anymore. With Curl Jelly, you get everything in one-step. All you have to do is distribute it through damp hair and go. SO easy, somodern.

We like to say this product ‘has more bounce per ounce’ because it’s so major and packs everything you asked for into the cutest bottle. But hey, don’t just take our word for it, Curl Jelly goes on sale on on June 1st,  In our opinion, your curls are ready to be full, touchable and totally 2017.

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