Fall isn't officially here yet but the arrival of September is a sad reminder that we have to get our sh*t together—goodbye, spontaneous road trips and bougie backyard bonfires, le sigh. With the change in seasons also comes the itch to serve your strands a luxe autumn reboot. To help you figure out your new fall look, we tapped six top hairstylists and colorists from Los Angeles to London on their perfect idea of a fall hair upgrade. Scroll ahead now to get your mane in the mood for fall.


Christine Silverman, a colorist/balayage specialist at Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, says:

Blondes, get into sultry rich golden and honey hues. Brunettes, venture into deeper chocolate or intriguing auburn. Many women decide to explore their inner redhead this time of year, which is an exciting change that’s sure to turn heads! The best part of these changes is that literally anyone can go into a bolder, richer hue easily. A brunette shifting hues can be done as easily as applying an overall gloss. A gloss or a single process color can be all it takes, but to be red or brunette from blonde, your stylist may need a bit more time to "fill" in the cuticle after it’s been opened during the lightening process. There also may be some shade tweaking before you and your stylist are happy with the final result.

Elle Fanning went from being beautiful golden blonde to rich chestnut brown, and it looks so stunning on her gorgeous porcelain skin. Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) went back to her signature red after being a gorgeous blonde, she looks amazing in both!  Abigail Spencer also now dons a beautiful copper red as a switch from her sunkissed brunette look.

Sulfate-free shampoo is a must to retain overall hair color, specifically if the hair has been previously heavily lightened.  Keeping the hair moisturized with a good mask once a week will also help maintain the integrity of the cuticle and prevent fading.  I recommend all my clients get a shower filter as well to remove chlorine and other minerals from their water as they can cause discoloring of the hair.

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Larry King, the owner of Larry King Salon in London, says:

Rich autumn colours and short cute crops are such a refreshing change for the new season. During the summer, we tend to neglect our hair—the sun, the swimming, festivals and quick updo’s can all lead to dry, damaged and unruly locks. In the UK, September is a real season change with summer vibes quickly vanishing and the new rich warm tones of Autumn coming in. It's all about taking the time to treat your hair, use hair masks, like Redken's Heat Cure to repair the damage and replenish good hair health. Treat your locks to a fresh glossy colour. Our colourist Lucy Holbrook recommends Golden blondes, foxy reds and conker-rich browns, all rich glossy colours perfect for a luxe autumn reboot. It’s all about healthy shiny hair. 

I’m also loving micro fringes combined with short crops at the moment. Think early Mia Farrow. And I’m loving Alexandra Moncreffe’s boyish crop. I worked with her for my Tatler English Rose collection. Ask your stylist to keep it soft around the hairline and ears, which will enhance your face shape and bring out your best features. To get the look Add, a 50p sized ball of Redken's Full Effect Mousse 04 to add shine then dry off using a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and rub through some Redken Outshine to add a little texture.

As seen recently worn by Rihanna and Cara Delevingne, I think berets are super cute with a fringed crop. I love Dior’s AW17 black leather berat. Or if you want to go a bit more out there, make it pink and fluffy, or this season's must-have colour, ruby red.


Nicolas Flores, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Salon in West Hollywood, says:

I usually like to talk clients into trying something new from season to season. A huge change up can be bangs, which I love for fall. Be sure to consult with your stylist first before going full force with bangs, You want to be sure your hair type, texture, and day to day styling is something you will want to consider. I always recommend that clients always bring in inspiration photos to have a understanding on what kind of bangs suit their style and taste. My go-to product for styling fringe is the OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray to create separation and texture to break up fullness. Wear your new bangs with a top knot, and a bun cuff (Chloe + Isabel has super chic and affordable hair accessories). 

I offer complimentary bang trims for my clients, as most stylists do. I usually recommend every 2-3 weeks. I always reference Alexa Chung, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Vanessa Hudgens as of recent.   


Chris Greene, a hair colorist at MèCHE Salon in Beverly Hills, says:

Two of my favorite ways to upgrade your hair for fall are to deepen your hue a shade or two and/or cut off some length. So many gals are going darker now that fall is here. Adding some low lights or glossing your color a shade or two darker will instantly bring on the fall feels! Cutting a few inches off (perfect with scarves!) or adding a fringe or bang (also perfect when the temperatures drop, as no one likes a sweaty bang) will transition your look into fall. Ask your colorist to keep your color in the same realm—just go down a level or two. Keeping your color warm is also great for fall! Cut wise, loose a few inches and add a bang that works with your hair's texture.

Right now, I'm obsessed with these new products called Shoren. They have a leave-in keratin spray and a repairing conditioner that are both amazing after a color service for keeping the hair soft!


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Tim Morrison, a hairstylist at Benjamin Salon in Hollywood, says:

It's all in the haircut. I've been transitioning my clients to being able to really let their hair grow out for the next seasons to come, so it's still manageable and undone without effort. 

Depending on hair density—for finer hair, stay up on your trims every 2-3 months. As for bulkier to medium hair, I would ask for a minimum undercut internally—it's something so subtle, but it'll make all the difference for your clients grow out. 

I really have been loving taking even straight hair to twist it and adding R+Co's Aircraft Mousse—it's like a pomade mousse that allows you to scrunch and air dry or with a dryer to be more tousled. Think Alexa Chung with her hair always looking partially undone and out of bed. 


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