Recently we spotted some short hair waves that made it to the top of our tutorial to-do list. Brought to us by Serena Wyllie from Brisbane, Australia, said textured wavy bob basked in an ocean-soaked boost from OUAI Wave Spray and Volume Spray (must-haves from the Three OUAI Kit). Short-haired girls lusting after a full-bodied bob, follow Serena's five steps below for textured waves that will blow your bob away.

  1. Create a center part and prep damp hair with OUAI Wave Spray from root to tips, scrunching as you spritz to enhance your hair's wave definition 
  2. Spray thickness-enhancing OUAI Volume Spray at the roots then blow out the hair
  3. Create S-waves or bends in areas that need more definition, either using the OUA Clip Trick or a flat iron)
  4. Flip your hair over the center part to create the illusion of extra body then set the waves with Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray
  5. Amp up the volume by applying Natalie Anne Haircare S1 Dry Volumizing Powder at the roots and massaging in 


If you can never get your flat iron waves to look like the tutorial, read this