Dear oily-haired darlings in distress, we feel your pain–summer's here, your hair's got high temps to fear, and an oily scalp is super near. If you're doing the most to keep your mane from melting, chill, we brought in a pro. Whether he's primping A-list starlets for a summer concert or an outdoor campaign shoot, Jonathan Colombini knows how to get a grip on greasy hair. Here we asked the celebrity hairstylist how to survive a heatwave if you have french fry-oily hair. Trust us, it's possible—just read on for Jonathan's oily hair hacks.

OUAI Oily Hair Supplements

Start the the Root

Before you reach for the can that does it all (what is life without dry shampoo?!), consider your wash routine. Jonathan tells us, “Dry shampoo would definitely help eliminate oil from the scalp, but let’s rewind a step. If you tend to get oily, especially during a hot summer, try switching up your shampoo and conditioner for something lighter that doesn’t contain heavier conditioning agents.” For gentle, color-safe suds, we love the OUAI Clean Shampoo

Brave the Oil (Before a Blowout)

Fail to plan, plan to fail: when it comes to pre-styling your mane, the motto couldn't be more accurate. But a 90-degree day has nothing on your hair if you do like Jonathan and prep like a pro—apply Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Creme onto damp hair before blow drying. According to him, "It creates a matte, dry shampoo-like texture when blown in. It’s perfect for clients with really fine or oily hair."

To ensure the longevity of your style and eliminate oil throughout the day, Jonathan says to follow up with OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. "It's like if dry shampoo and hair spray were to have a baby, this product is its love child! You get the qualities of a dry shampoo and a bit of hold from the hairspray which is the perfect pair when touching up a pre-existing style," he tells us. Another safe bet for braving the heat? R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray. Jonathan likes using it as a pre-blow dry or as a setting lotion for the perfect memory, either before blow drying or while in rollers.

Lift Your Locks
We know tousled mermaid tresses are tempting (issa vibe) but if the sun's got your scalp looking oh-so oily, stick with an updo hairstyle. Jonathan suggests ponytails or top knots (we love this one on Kendall Jenner) and braided hairstyles. "Any style that keeps the hair up and off the body," he mentions.

Have *This* Hairspray on Hand

Jonathan's clients include the rich and famous but luckily, his favorite anti-heatwave hairspray doesn't come with a glitzy price tag. "Believe it or not, I get my old-school L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray at a drugstore. It’s literally the oldest hairspray around and is the boss of all hairsprays. It has a way of fixing everything that's wrong with hair and bringing it back to life or whipping it into shape, whether you’re flat and need volume or oily and need texture. It's like botox for hair!"

Pop a Pill

Not to kill your vibe, but if your scalp is too oily to deal with on the daily, quick fixes won't solve your pesky scalp probs. What will? OUAI Oily Hair Supplements. Jonathan notes, "I would advise investing in the 90-day supply and really following through with it. They're amazing, easy and don’t disturb your already limited morning routine time. My only advice is to be patient. You're not going to see results right off the bat, just like with anything good."