How to Pack for Coachella Like an Influencer

Enjoy the calm before the Coachella storm while you can because once you hit the desert, debauchery will ensue at lightening speed, naturally. Whether you're a Coachella connoisseur or a festival first-timer, you can never be too prepared when entering turn-up territory. To help you pack for the occasion, we tapped up-and-coming influencers for their Coachella packing tips and must-have beauty, fashion, and electronics. Keep scrolling for the 411 on how to pack for Coachella like an influencer. 

Who: Daniela Moreno @ironnsalt

This is my second time going to Coachella, so excited! I’m most excited to see Odesza, Post Malone, Louis The Child and Beyonce! Also, I rented a house with some of my best friends so I can’t wait to have this experience with them again.

Packing Essentials:

1. Canon G7X Vlogging Camera 

I vlogged Coachella last year, and it’s still one of my favorite videos to look back on. I was so genuinely happy that whole weekend that I want to capture the memories again this year. Even if no one watches it, for me it’s special because these are the memories I’m going to look back on when I’m old or I’m having a bad day. And also, I want to share these memories with the people who follow me! 

2. Sultra Curling Iron 

I’m packing up this baby because it’s the one thing that gives my straight hair some waves and volume. I want my hair to be flowy and wavy during the festival so this is essential. 

3. OUAI Hair Oil 

This was the first product from OUAI that I ever purchased and it made me fall in love with the brand. I have used this oil for years and will definitely bring it to Palm Springs where the weather is dry and during a time I’ll be washing my hair every day because of the dust. I love this oil so much because after applying heat to my hair, it’s the one thing that will revitalize my ends and make my hair looks soft and healthy. 

4. For Love and Lemons Top from Please Don’t Tell Boutique in Miami 

I’m so excited to wear this top during the festival because it was a gift from a friend of mine and I just think it’s so beautiful. It has such intricate details and it looks like a piece of clothing that would belong to a doll. I think it’s going to look great in pictures! 

5. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Spray 

This is a must-have for the desert because it will keep my skin feeling fresh and hydrated when the weather starts to get hot and dry. I think having a facial spray in your bag can help keep you and your friends cool during the festival and this one from Herbivore is one of my favorites. The size of the bottle is perfect for a little bag!  

What are you going to pack everything in?

I will be packing everything in my rose gold Calpak suitcase that's the perfect size for everything I need this weekend.

Packing tip for first-timers: I think one thing to keep in mind is the amount of walking that happens during the festival. Comfortable shoes are key and also bringing something to keep you warm at night is key. The temperature drops quite a lot in the desert, so you want to make sure you can keep going all night without worrying about the cold. 

Remember to pack your wristbands, sun-screen, wet wipes, hair ties, and bring a spare phone charger to the festival. Most importantly, have fun because it’s such an amazing experience! Hope to see some of you there! <3 



Who: Lizbeth Hernandez @imlvh

This will be my eighth Coachella. I can’t believe it. 🙊🎶🌴🎡 I’ve been going since I was 20 and I have so many good memories with my good friends, so it’s definitely something I look forward to. I’m most excited to see Cardi B, Haim, and Beyonce, Mariam Hill, LANY, Mø But, also Deorro and Odeza - I love EDM and dance music. I’m also super excited to be taking over OUAI's Instagram while I’m there! I’m in the mood to experiment with my hair and try some hair accessories, so it'll be fun to share with all the OUAI followers. 

festival hair ouai Coachella packing diary

Packing Essentials:

1. OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

Coachella is in the desert, it’s super sunny, dusty, and if you like to dance like I do, you get super sweaty. After each day, fully washing my hair is the last thing I want to do because I’m tired and have thick curly hair. It's a process to wash my hair and it’s so much easier to skip washing because of the Dry Shampoo Foam. It comes in so clutch, easily freshens and cleanses the scalp. Also, it adds volume if someone is seeking that too.   

2. Solar-Powered Portable Battery from Amazon

A dead phone is no bueno! Nothing worse than being on 5% and you can’t find your friends. It also prevents you from looking at the Coachella app to know what artist you want to see and it means no more pictures/videos. If you can’t take photos or upload to Snapchat, did Coachella even happen? ;) I recommend bringing one, but a solar power is even better, because you can just let it charge while you roam around or sit on the grass! 

3. Sunglasses Chain from Amazon 

Sunglasses are key, but I’m always worrying about losing them or scratching them. That's why I love attaching a cute sunglass chain. Gold and silver necklaces are a fun way to accessorize, love layering it up, so a gold or silver sunglass chain will make a seamless addition. 

4. Matisse Booties 

They’re such a classic style and look so expensive and chic, but they’re soooo comfortable. I took a risk and wore them brand new one year at Coachella and they turned out to be the most comfortable shoe. I wore sneakers the next day one year after wearing them and had to pop those booties back on, because they were more comfortable!! They’ve become my Coachella bootie and I only wear them at Coachella, but I’d be so sad if I didn’t have them, especially if I needed a comfy shoe alternative.

5. Glossier Lid Star + Haloscope- I’m a rep, so I have the hook up! ;)

Every year I get more and more comfortable with experimenting with Coachella makeup. Glossier came out with cream shadows a couple months ago. They have an amazing lavender and green shadow, that will be the perfect pop of color. Also, the halo scope gives the perfect sparkly dewy glow which will be a pretty pop in the desert sun!! Glossier is the perfect makeup for the girl that doesn’t like too much makeup, but if you’re wanting to experiment with some color, they have some good options for that! 

What are you going to pack everything in?

Beauty products go in this amazing Sephora travel bag that holds both makeup and beauty. And in the festival I’ll be bringing my vintage Louis Vuitton backpack and vintage Chanel Fanny Pack. Love being hands-free! 

Packing tip for first-timers: Watch my Festival Survival Guide!


Who: Nitsan Raiter @nitsanraiter

Technically this will be my second Coachella ;) Can't wait to see Beyonce and SZA for sure, but also excited to get to do this with some of my best friends for the first time. Super excited to attend the #REVOLVEfestival and experience everything they have lined up (AKA the special guest, wink wink).

Packing Essentials:

1. iPhone charger (love the one from my AWAY suitcase—genius)

I picked it up while traveling in Israel but you can get one from pretty much anywhere. Probably one of the most necessary things you can pack for Coachella. From outfit photos to videos of you lip synching to Beyonce on stage, you gotta be prepared in the desert. My charger comes with my AWAY carry-on luggage (detachable) so you can charge up no matter where you are and on-the-go.

2. OUAI Volume Spray

I use this every day, on damp and/or dry hair. It adds just the right amount on volume to any hairstyle, especially on second-day hair when it all gets a little too flat. Seriously counting on this guy for the weekend. I feel like it’s a one-of- a-kind type of product—exactly what a girl on the go needs. 

3. Urban Outfitters Rose Enfumé Perfume 

It’s my go to travel perfume. It doesn't take up too much room, not too heavy and smells amazing (not too sweet, not too strong). Gotta smell good in the desert heat ;)

4. A good structured brim black hat. Got mine at Urban Outfitters also!

It makes every outfit and is the perfect last accessory (plus a little shade in all the heat). Throw on a pair of Levis shorts, cowboy boots, a tank and you’re basically ready to go. Looks good with basically everything and makes you look like a Coachella pro (even if you’re a first-timer).

5. Chunky (but not too large) Gold Hoops from H&M for about $8 (a crazy good find)

I wear these everyday but I feel like they’re also such a fashion staple, especially for Coachella. Realistically, there’s going to be a lot going on with your outfit, so a touch of gold will complement it all. They’re super on-trend and even more affordable - I just saw them in-store last week. Run, don't walk!

What are you going to pack everything in? 

My AWAY carry-on plus an extra one or ten other suitcases since I’m known to be a heavy traveler, haha. 

Packing tip for first-timers: Wear sunscreen (I sound like your mom, I know)—nothing too heavy—and just enjoy it. Coachella can get crazy with everything that’s going on but when you’re with your friends watching the main stage performance late at night, take a second and look back at the huge field of people from all over the world dancing to the same song. It literally is the best moment ever. 


Who: Emma Rose @emmaleger

This is my first Coachella ever, and I’m so excited to be going as a blogger and with my best friend! Can't wait to watch QUEEN BEY, duh! Some other performances I’m looking forward to are SZA, The Weeknd, and Eminem! And of course, super excited to see who the special guest is at #REVOLVEFestival!

Packing Essentials:

1. OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray + Dry Texture Foam ;)

I literally can’t do any hairstyling without them, especially all the fun hairstyles we’re going to be doing at the festival! 

2. My Coachella Outfits!

All my outfits are from Revolve, Lulus, Free People, Urban Outfitters, and more! It was so hard to decide what to wear, but somehow it all came together! It took weeks of planning but I think I nailed down my outfits ;)

3. Jewelry

Most of my jewelry is from Mejuri, Lavender & Grace designs, Verge Girl, and Sabo Skirt! I’m such a gold dainty-jewelry kinda girl. My outfits aren’t complete without them!

4. My Hats

What’s a Coachella outfit without a fun hat to finish off the look? I think some fun hats are a necessity in your festival wardrobe. Mine are from Free People, Lack of Color, and Urban Outfitters.

5. Portable Chargers

I have a few, actually…you can never be too prepared! You can get a portable charger at Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, literally anywhere. Since it’s our job to document the whole event, a portable charger is a MUST.

What are you going to pack everything in?

I’m going to attempt to pack everything into two large suitcases. Wish me luck!

Packing tip for first-timers: I’ve never been to the festival before, but I can only tell you to enjoy every second of it, it’s going to be so fun!

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