New Year's Eve is the one night you can shun every doubt in your head that you suck at doing hair, and actually create a really cool hairstyle. At least with this easy rope braid ponytail that's true. Ring in 2019 in a sleek, twisted style that requires a five-year-old's skill level but looks like it came off the catwalk. Ahead, you'll find that all you need to get the rope braid ponytail is a hair elastic, Matte Pomade, Hair Oil, and Medium Hair Spray. Go on—slay your midnight mane.

Rope braid ponytail how to OUAI Haircare OUAI Matte Pomade

  1. Smooth hair back into a ponytail and secure
  2. Rub Matte Pomade between fingers then take a half inch strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, securing with a bobby pin
  3. Divide the ponytail into two even sections and smooth each section with Matte Pomade
  4. Apply Hair Oil to palms then run hands along the length of each section to smooth flyaways, twisting each section as you smooth
  5. Once each section is twisted, create a rope-like effect by combining each section
  6. Secure with a snagless elastic (our favorite is Blax) then tamp down flyaways and set the look with Medium Hair Spray
  7. Hide any short hairs sticking out of the ponytail with Matte Pomade and French hair pins that match your hair color


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