Next to your wedding day and birthday, New Year's Eve is the one night when you can take full advantage of looking and being extra extra. But if you can't do your own hair to save your life, you're sorta SOL. Not! As if we're going to let your sucky hairstyling skills stop you from ringing in 2018 looking like a good-haired, glowing goddess. Ahead, three key tips for taking New Year's hair by storm, for the incompetent.

Fake Big Volume In a Flash

Blowouts and back-combing beget big hair, but you're really, really bad at both—and that's an understatement. What's a Brigitte Bardot volume-seeker to do? Let volume and texture building essentials like Texturizing Hair Spray and Wave Spray do all the work then put your party-ready pouf in place with the Chloe + Isabel Plank Barrette. See how Brittney, our Director of Digital does it, here. There's more va-va-volume where that came—watch out for Volume Spray, dropping soon. 


Take Your Natural Texture to the Next Level

You're thinking, au naturel on an extravagant night like this? Give a girl the right texture-enhancers and she can make it happen. For crunch-free, defined waves or curls, apply Soft Mousse onto damp or dry hair then let air dry. Or call on Curl Jelly to moisturize and add bounce to coils and curls. Finish the look with a few swipes of Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets from roots to ends to banish fly-aways and add instant shine.


Throw It Up and Amplify Shine

Nothing says New Year's like a disco ball-shiny sleek 'do. On damp hair, start with Smooth Spray like Jen Atkin did on Kaia Gerber's sleek bun and Camila Coelho's high ponytail. Blow-dry hair, straighten all over, and you're already half way to a half-assed polished updo. After you secure your hair into a pony or bun, apply Hair Oil from roots to mid-shaft to add a high-gloss finish. 


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