A new year doesn't necessarily call for a new 'do, but it does beg for fresh hair habits. We know old habits die hard, so we're here to lead you to luscious locks at the end of your damaged hair tunnel. Ahead, a simple guide to kicking unhealthy, dull strands to the curb and keeping your mane OUAI woke this year.

OUAI Supplements healthy hair tips

1. Dust Your Ends

Repeat after us: Split ends will not be the death of my hair. True boo, but only if you’re following our yearly 2-3 haircuts rule (more on that, here) and if you’re regularly getting your ends dusted. What exactly is “dusting”, you ask? A method that involves trimming damaged tips without removing any length. Also known as a genius solution to slaying split ends on the regular sans sacrificing the hard work you’ve been putting in to achieve that long hair, don’t care lifestyle. Next time you're not in the mood to part ways with your perf length, ask your stylist for a dusting—it does wonders for maintaining healthy hair and enhancing your natural texture. 

2. Sleep On Silk

After you treat yourself to some OUAI with that hefty wad of holiday cash, spend the leftover coins on a silk pillowcase (we love these Slip ones). An investment so worth making for your mane's health, silk pillow covers prevent split ends from forming and better maintain your hairstyle overnight (kinda like Memory Mist). Added bonus: They don't pull on your skin, creating a smooth canvas and wrinkle-free zone while you zzz.

3. Ditch Your Bath Towel

Hair—especially color-damaged, dry hair—is in its most vulnerable state when it's wet. Wrap your freshly washed strands in a cotton-polyester bath towel and you're asking for breakage. Because you want better for your 'do this year, ditch the bath towel and take a microfiber towel for a spin. Our favorites are the Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban and DevaCurl Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel—both cut drying time in half and reduce frizz.

4. Swap Conditioner for Masks

Your washes aren't complete without a generous dollop of Repair Conditioner, but with dry, winter scaries around the corner, it's time to call in the big guns—Treatment Masque. Made magical by Artichoke Leaf Extract (which seals the cuticle and protects hair from future damage), the travel-friendly healing mask is the ultimate route to ridding unhealthy hair and reversing damage from unhealthy hair habits from 2017.

5. Use Heat Protectants Religiously

You wouldn't coat your lids with smokey eye without a primer or paint your nails without a base coat—the same goes for your locks. Never skimp on heat protectant or products that contain heat protection. Get silky-smooth, frizz-free hair with our Smooth Spray, a leave-in conditioner for all hair types. For girls craving big, voluminous hair, reach for Volume Spray (out January 9!), like a boob job but for your hair. Both Smooth Spray and Volume Spray add heat protection so you can style away while keeping damage at bay. 

6. Balance Blow Dryer and Air Dry Time

Breaking up with your blow dryer would be like stopping yourself from an IG scroll before bed—impossible. But pump the brakes if you know what's good for you. Blow drying your hair when it's completely wet can cause major heat damage and wreak havoc on your cuticles (and precious hair color). For hair to live in harmony with the hair dryer, air dry your hair at least 60-70% of hair before hitting it with heat. Don't forget to run through some Hair Oil on the ends for quick moisture and shine.

7. Take Supplements

All of the above make for a smooth hair slate but until you load up on the right nutrients, it's going to be a mish snagging the healthiest version of your hair. Get a good-for-hair-follice dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, Silica, Vitamin E and Iron with our Dry Hair Supplements then swoon over your super-moisturized strands in just 90 days. Bleached babes, frizzy girls, and flaky scalps—we made these tablets for you.