If you’re having a conversation about what’s trending in 2017 as far as hair and you mention the long, straight, sleek look (like Kim Kardashian has been rocking since October) you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The look, which often includes lengthy extensions, has been quickly gaining popularity and since we’re heading into award season, we know we’re about to see a lot more it. Below, Jen Atkin breaks down how she creates the look on her celebrity clientele;


Start your look in the shower with the use two different shampoos; Volume Shampoo at the root for lift and Smooth or Repair Shampoo at bottom for sleek ends.


Next, add a pump of OUAI Hair Oil to protect from heat rough dry with your favorite blow dryer. Jen likes to use the Dyson Supersonic.


Brush out your hair and clip most of it up out of your way so that you work on one section at a time.


Take a piece of hair from the section you’re working on and run through it with a boar bristle brush following right behind it with your flat iron (all in one motion). Jen likes to use a brush first (she likes the Mason Pearson Brush) in order make the hair cuticle nice and flat before you go in with the flat iron. When you’re going through with the iron, don’t flatten the root too much and make sure to straighten all the way through your ends. With a good flat iron (Jen suggests the K-Beauty flat iron), you should only have to pass through each piece once , saving you time. Switch from the brush to a small tooth comb for shorter pieces at the top or to blend real hair with extensions.


Take Grab the hair from the back of your head and bring it forward over your shoulder as you straighten instead of pulling the hair outwards.


Next, spray some stronghold Hairspray (Jen uses the Balmain Session Spray) on a blush brush and smooth down your flyaways in a painting motion.


Finish with OUAI Finishing Creme from your mid length to ends for shine and hole and a little bit of Hair Oil to mask any unhealthy looking hairs at the end.