How-To: Kendall Jenner's Romantic Waves


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We never tire of waves for good reason—there are OUAI too many ways to style the look for it to get old. Kendall Jenner's charming tousled tresses and deep side part are the most recent reason for our unwavering penchant. The supermodel traded her soldier-straight blunt bob for a softer look, courtesy of Jen Atkin. Take a peek below to get Jen's steps, including products, to Kenny's five-step flirty hair.


  1. Prep hair with OUAI Soft Mousse
  2. Blow-dry with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Styling Concentrator with a Harry Josh Pro Tools Round Brush
  3. Curl small sections with 3/4-inch Hot Tools Curling Iron
  4. Set the look with Bleach London Hard AF Hairspray
  5. Fill in part with Anastasia Pro Brow Palette


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Soft Mousse