How-To: Holiday Party Hair That Works Better On Dirty Hair

'Tis the season to be lazy AF and skip washing your hair. This pretty holiday party pony says so at least. "Having the natural grit and oils from your scalp will really make it easier to work with the hair and create texture as well," celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown told us. Round up some OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray, your back combing skills, and a few frilly festive hair accessories (like from Jen Atkin's Chloe + Isabel collection) to turn your greasy strands into the talk of the holiday squad turn up. Keep reading for Alex's step-by-step of the bubble pony that works better on dirty hair.

OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray bubble ponytail Chloe and Isabel holiday hair
  1. Prep damp hair with OUAI Wave Spray
  2. Blowdry hair with a Mason Pearson Brush and Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer 
  3. After hair is dry, spray OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray throughout the whole head for texture
  4. Create a high pony tail, securing with a Blax elastic
  5. Combine the lower half section of hair with another Blax hair elastic—you should now have 2 ponytails (one higher on the head and one in the middle of the back of the head)
  6. Use a Chloe + Isabel Velvet + Pearl Hair Tie over the Blax hair band to turn it up a notch!
  7. With a Sheila Stotts Removal Brush, back comb the top ponytail, and then gently brush over the top layer of the back combing to smooth it slightly, creating a “bubble”
  8. Wrap another Blax hair elastic around the bottom of the bubble AND your second ponytail, attaching the two together
  9. Back comb the hair exactly how you did it in step 7 and secure with a hair elastic at the bottom of the second bubble
  10. Using another Chloe + Isabel Velvet Hair Tie, wrap it around the Blax hair band below the second bubble
  11. Back comb the remaining hair into a third bubble and secure with Blax hair elastic 
  12. Use the third and final Chloe + Isabel Velvet Hair Tie over the Blax hair elastic
  13. Finish with OUAI Medium Hair Spray


Wave Spray

Texturizing Hair Spray

Medium Hair Spray