For those of you who have to work to achieve air-dried waves rather than simply wash and go, the solution to faking the undulated style is in your flat iron. More important than your flat iron in the creation of faux air-dried waves is the way you bend your wrist. Inspired by Michelle Madsen's waves, courtesy of LA-based hairstylist Britt Sully, we set out to break down the influencer's wavy bends. Keep scrolling for Britt's step-by-step to faking air-dried waves on short hair (and the key to extending the style until your next wash). 

  1. Prep dry hair with OUAI Memory Mist Heat Protectant in sections (it locks in any style and texture once activated by the heat of your tool)
  2. Create flat iron waves throughout with a Remington 1-inch Flat Iron using a slow motorcycle revving motion (it's all about the bend of the wrist—watch our flat iron waves tutorial to see what we mean)
  3. Spritz Mr. Smith Sea Salt Spray all over and shake through with your fingers
  4. Tame flyaways and set the flat iron waves with OUAI Medium Hair Spray


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