Lately do you ever wonder how, in addition to walking the earth with the most chiseled legs, Kendall Jenner pulls off a sleek look sans a flyaway in sight? With the supermodel's 23rd birthday around the corner (this Saturday!), so are we. Luckily, the year is 2018 and screenshotting exists, because via Jen Atkin's IG Stories we snagged the secret ingredient behind Kenny's updos—OUAI Leave In Conditioner. Think of it as the base coat to any smooth hairstyle. A detangler, mane moisturizer, and heat protectant, Leave In Conditioner uses tamarind seed extract and an amino acid blend to do all the legwork for your damp hair so that it dries soft and silky. To help you put this very important information together, we're breaking down the steps to an off-duty pushed back bun Jen fashioned for Kendall before she fetched some blooms at a flower shop in France. 

  1.  Prep damp hair with OUAI Leave In Conditioner 
  2. Blow dry with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer on medium heat and air flow setting, and a YS Park Round Brush
  3. Create flat iron waves with the Eideal Diamonsilk Flat Iron 
  4. Secure hair with a mini bungee cord
  5. Tame flyaways using a Tancho Stick 
  6. Finish with Balmain Session Spray Strong
  7. Fill in the part with Anastasia Brow Pro Palette

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This hairstyle is solid proof that Kendall Jenner is an angel