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If you’re still on the hunt for a fall hair upgrade, consider this—a fringe is a lightning-fast (and not to mention très chic) way to test drive a new style. And that French girl vibe you’ve been wanderlusting after? Best believe bangs will bring you one step closer to looking Parisian. Before your hair faces the shears, know the facts—which fringe suits your face shape? In our bang guide for amateurs ahead, celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown breaks down the best bangs for round, heart, oval, and long face shapes, including steps and products for styling them like a pro. 



Your Best Bangs: Side swept bangs.

Why They're Flattering:
When choosing the correct bang, it’s important to consider your overall face shape and which style creates the illusion of an oval face shape-which is the most idea face shape. With a round face, side swept bangs are great because the angle creates more length to elongate the roundness.

How to Style Them:
Using a small to medium round brush works best to really get the bang to sweep across the forehead.  Finish off with a bit of OUAI Medium Hair Spray to hold in place! 


Your Best Bangs: Brigitte Bardot bangs.

Why They're Flattering:
Heart-shaped faces are wide at the top and come to a point at the chin.  Bangs similar to Brigitte Bardot’s, which are shorter in the center and gradually get longer on the outer edges, help hide the widest part of the heart-shaped face, making it seem oval.

How to Style Them:
It’s super important to make sure the outer edges kick away from the face and flow into the rest of the haircut.  You can achieve this with a round brush and blowdryer or by beveling those ends with a flat iron! I love using OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray on these bangs to give an effortless, lived-in texture. 

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Your Best Bangs: Blunt bangs or micro, medium-length bangs.

Why They're Flattering:
1. Blunt bangs are the most flattering on oval face shapes. Oval faces tend to have more length near the mouth/chin and blunt bangs help draw attention away from that.

2. Another great bang for oval faces is something shorter such as a micro or medium-length bangs that hit just above the brow. Because oval-shaped faces can pull off just about any style, you might as well try this trendy, retro bang!

How to Style Them:
Flat-wrapping is a great technique used to stretch out and smooth blunt, straight across bangs. Simply brush the bangs back and forth along your forehead while blowdrying to prevent the bang from becoming too beveled and round. OUAI Matte Pomade is a perfect product for giving these bangs slight separation on the ends, as well as for taming fly aways.

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Your Best Bangs: Grown-out, straight across bangs.

Why They're Flattering:
Grown-out bangs that hit just below the brow help hide a longer forehead and create more width in a long face.

How to Style Them:
OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam is the best for freshening up these bangs throughout the day or even on day two or three without having to shampoo!

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