Public service announcement: Not all topknots are created equal. Take this disheveled 'do for example. It's equal parts effortless, equal parts I-tried-to-look-cute, making it a top contender for how you wear your mane to meet your SO's family. Never fail at fashioning the perfect-shaped topknot again with our step-by-step, ahead.  

loose voluminous topknot tutorial OUAI haircare

  1. Spray Memory Mist on dry hair to protect it from heat damage
  2. Brush through, section 1-inch sections and curl, leaving the ends out
  3. Apply Finishing Crème on mid-lengths to ends as you gather the hair into a high center part ponytail
  4. Add lived-in texture to the ponytail's ends with Texturizing Hair Spray then back comb from the ends up with a brush to create a fuller-looking ponytail
  5. Create a bun by tucking in the loose ends of the pony into the base of the bun and securing with French hair pins
  6. Tuck until you’re pleased with the shape of your messy bun
  7. Curl your tendrils (or bangs) away from the face then spray Volumizing Hair Spray on them for gorgeous body


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