Genetics had your back when they gave you naturally wavy hair (and we had yours when we launched Air Dry Foam) but every now and then your waves look wonky sans a curler. To help you hone half-baked waves, we rounded up the best heatless hairstyles to wear with naturally wavy hair types. Keep scrolling to ride your natural-born wave—without heat. 

Weathered Low Bun

Call on wave-enhancing Air Dry Foam to configure the base of your defined waves then once dry, gather into a low bun, leaving out a chunky tendril. Swipe one Anti-Frizz Hair Sheet from crown to base to add a pinch of shine and quell frizz.



Faux Wavy Bob

Let your long locks hinder your craving for a cropped 'do? As if. Spritz Wave Spray all over damp hair then loosely braid the lengths. Roll them up and tuck it under for a faux bob. Top the look off with a blast of Texturizing Hair Spray for wispy, lived-in texture.


Pinned Back Beach Waves

Touchable texture that lasts sans heat starts with Air Dry Foam. Scrunch in our kale and carrot protein-infused formula through towel-dried hair and voila—your tresses dry in a très chic manner. If your ends are on the dry side, apply a dime-size amount of Finishing Crème for hydrating, light-reflective shine.



Textured Ponytail

For wavy hair types that are on the thin side, creating a full-looking ponytail can be tough. Take the thickness up a few notches by massaging a dollop of Dry Texture Foam into dry hair. A perkier, chicer wavy ponytail is the result.



Day-Three Low Braid

Revive natural waves during your no-wash period with Dry Shampoo Foam for instant volume and freshness on top while tying mid-lengths into a loose braid.


Half-Up Bob

Three bobby pins and Wave Spray walk into a bob and the rest is history. Apply Wave Spray on damp or dry hair to get the hold and feel of an ocean-dipped mane without the dryness or crunch. Then take the top half of hair from one side and twist it to the back of the head, securing with a French pin. Stack bobby pins for a 'I tried' finish.


Textured Upstyle

Dry Texture Foam, like a matte pomade without the weight, does wonders for an upstyle on shorter naturally wavy lengths. Work DTF from the ends up on dry hair then leave out the top half of hair. Fashion the bottom half of hair into a low bun then wrap the top half of hair over the top of the bun, securing with a bobby pin on each side. Gently pull out hair on the crown and spray Medium Hair Spray to set the ethereal-beachy look.


Wavy Bangs

One of our favorite combinations to create a frizz-free heatless wavy hairstyle is layering Air Dry Foam over Leave In Conditioner. Start with Leave In Conditioner on damp strands then follow up with Air Dry Foam immediately after. Your once unruly waves will wow with smoothness and healthy shine.


Topknot and Tendrils

The cool thing about this look is that your tendrils do all the talking. If you want to subdue the face-framing pieces, run Rose Hair & Body Oil through them. To keep the topknot polished, rub Matte Pomade between your palms then grasp the topknot to distribute the product evenly.


Voluminous Braided Bun

Make mousse, not war—especially in the process of fashioning a voluminous bun with braid accents like this one. First, massage crunch-free Soft Mousse through damp hair. The gravity-defying formula will tame frizz and expand your strands for volume. Then create two thick, three-strand braids on each side of a center part, leaving out a piece of hair in the front. Tie the ends into a small bun and done.


High, Flirty Pony

Imperfect waves are the building blocks of any blush-worthy flirty ponytail. Spray Wave Spray on damp hair then layer with Hair Oil (which shares a scent with Rue St Honoré Eau de Parfum) to seal split ends and give it gloss. Pile the hair into a ponytail that aligns with where'd you'd contour your cheekbones, not worrying too much about the smoothness at the crown. Adorn the base with a barrette or chunky hair tie. 


Clip Trick Half-Up Waves

If flat iron waves are your goal but the time isn't forgiving, forego the heat and follow the clip trick for seriously well-executed beachy waves.


Wispy, Low Ponytail

For a wispy, textured low ponytail, reach for Soft Mousse to make massive volume sans a brush and blow dryer. Then once hair is dry, go in with Texturizing Hair Spray on select strands for a lived-in textured style.

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