When your hair is thin or limp, very few hairstyles turn out like you know they should, even after multiple attempts. And while we wish we could tell you you're just being delusional, you're not—some styles simply refuse to stick on spindly strands, le sigh. Enter: OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements and a different haircut. Why a new haircut? Because certain types can actually make your thin hair appear full IRL. To help you find the foolproof foundation to build a beautiful, luscious-looking 'do on, we consulted Buddy Porter, hairstylist at Mèche Salon in Los Angeles, on the best kinds of cuts for thin hair, according to short, medium, and long lengths. Keep reading to find out what haircut is best for your thin mane and what to ask your stylist for when you hit up the salon.

Is it true that your haircut type can make your hair look thinner or thicker? 
Absolutely! If you give someone with fine hair a blunt haircut with less layering it will look much more full and voluminous. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can give someone that has a crazy thick mane lots of layers and texturize/thin the ends to make it look less heavy. if you want your hair to appear more full, you should compromise–lose some length and go light with the layers to give the appearance of fullness.

Are there certain haircuts that help your hair grow back thicker?
Not a haircut specifically, but if you dust the split ends all the way up the hair shaft, then the hair will grow back more full and healthy towards the ends.

How often should thin-haired girls get their hair cut?
Depending on the condition of the hair, I recommend 2-3 months.  

Short Hair

The haircut: A classic bob cut to the chin, because it builds weight in all of the right areas and leaves plenty of room for light texturizing and layering without losing too much fullness.

What to ask for: A bob cut to the chin with seamless layers and texturizing. 

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The haircut: A Michelle Williams-inspired pixie. A pixie can give the illusion of fullness and really allows thin hair to shine because of the length. 

What to ask for: A pixie cut that is shorter on the sides and longer on top, especially through the front, to keep it feminine. 

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Medium Length Hair

The haircut: A long bob with invisible layers for body and movement. A long bob is a great choice for fullness and texture and is still short enough for thin hair to be voluminous.

What to ask for: A long bob that sits just below the collar bone, with light layering for texture and movement.

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The haircut: A blunt cut with bangs. Bangs automatically bring eye attention, and will deter from attention to thin ends.

What to ask for: Bangs that taper out towards the eyes.

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Long Hair

The haircut: Again, a blunt one-length would help tremendously. A one-length haircut always makes the hair appear more full. Especially at longer lengths, the hair will start to appear even more thin if not maintained properly. 

What to ask for: A haircut with no layers, that is one length all the way around the perimeter.

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The haircut: If they want movement, concave layers will help here. The concave layers will give lift at the crown and give the illusion of body.

What to ask for: Concave layers that will give body, but make sure they don't layer the hair too much—there is a fine line here.  

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