If genetics didn't grace you with garden-lush hair, don't get mad just keep reading. The bad news is that you’re born with a certain number of hair follicles and nothing can change that, so even the slightest bit of hair loss will show immediately on people who have thin hair. *Rolls eyes hard* The good news? With a few lifestyle hacks you can thwart thinning hair, we learned from Dr. Lamees Hamdan, the founder of Shiffa, a line of organic skincare made from healing oils. Stress, lack of protein and a lackluster diet, as well as hormones and certain medical conditions can contribute to a meager mane. That’s why it's v. important to show your lean locks who’s boss as soon as possible (jumpstart the process with OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements). Below, Dr. Lamees’ expert take on the habits thin-haired girls should keep, including easy ways to prevent hair loss. 


Make Collagen Part of Breakfast

You can’t develop hair growth, but you can try and prevent excessive hair loss. It's important for people with thin hair to always have protein for breakfast. I also like to recommend a collagen powder. Great Lakes collagen (made from Kosher Grass fed beef) is great to have every day.

Stock Up on *This* Spice

A varied diet is very important, so incorporate B vitamins, zinc and selenium-rich foods such as whole grains, spinach, greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed (you need to take flaxseeds the right way, though, which is either freshly ground and immediately consumed or in the oil form which must always be refrigerated) and copper rich foods such as shellfish, veal, beef, and beans. Also try adding more cinnamon to your diet (either as a tea or sprinkled on your food), as it improves circulation, helping to bring oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles.

Ditch Diet Drinks

Try to avoid empty nutrients like sugar and white carbs, and diet food/drinks that contain aspartame as it has been linked to hair loss. High levels of mercury can also lead to hair loss, so try and avoid high mercury fish such as swordfish.

Don't Overdo the Heat

I think it's a bit of an old wives' tale that too much washing causes your hair to fall out. I also don’t agree with most trichologists who advise washing your hair every day. Every other day, or every three days, if you have dry hair is fine. Make sure you use a gentle shampoo and light conditioner. When blowdrying your hair, don’t overdry it—stop when it's almost dry. If you overdry it, it tends to go flat.

Color Your Hair (Strategically)

Thin hair is not the same as brittle hair. You can still have strong, healthy thin hair. Coloring thin hair can actually make it look thicker. If your colorist is really talented, the right way of coloring can give the illusion of thicker hair. You shouldn’t avoid color completely because it's not fair to say you can't color your hair, but you should treat it gently. Everything in moderation.

Massage Your Scalp

Hair health also depends on a healthy scalp. Dandruff that isn't controlled may lead to hair loss, but that holds true for all types of hair. I am a great believer in a gentle scalp massage every day (I do it myself and it takes one minute).


Spray Away the Oil

You might think it looks thinner during your period because of the increased sebum production during that time, making your hair oily thereby giving the impression it's flatter or thinner. Try a dry shampoo or texturizing hairspray on the day you don’t wash your hair to freshen it up (we have just what you need for that).


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