Alicia Silverstone debuted a perfectly bouncy blowout on screen in the 90's rom-com Clueless as Cher Horowitz, and we've been trying to perfect ours ever since. Life without blowout skills is not—so grab your blow dryer and a round brush and get to it. If you're totally buggin', we're here to walk you through the quintessential blowout step by step, including the key products necessary to pave the OUAI. Channel Cher hair without Volume Spray? As if! 

  1. Apply OUAI Volume Spray to roots on wet hair
  2. Spray OUAI Memory Mist from root to tip for protection and to lock in the style after you blow out the hair
  3. Section hair and blowdry with a round brush, beveling the ends under
  4. Spray OUAI Soft Hair Spray all over
  5. Swipe a OUAI Anti-Frizz Sheet over face-framing pieces and flyaways for a silky finish

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