When 90's nostalgia comes knocking, we answer the door with Pretty Woman. Our favorite modern Cinderella rom-com left us wondering how to acquire two things: leading lady Julia Roberts' fluffy curls, and a fairytale ending like the one Vivian scores. While we're still working on the latter, we think we figured out the curls part. Ahead, find out how to re-create Roberts' fluffy coils.


  1. Prep damp hair with OUAI Soft Mousse then diffuse
  2. Curl 1" sections of hair with a 3/4” curling iron, spraying each section beforehand with OUAI Memory Mist for heat protection
  3. After curling, brush through the curls with a wide-tooth comb to enhance volume
  4. Apply a dollop of OUAI Curl Jelly between palms, rub, then distribute evenly from mid-lengths to ends for bouncy, defined curls
  5. Finish with OUAI Medium Hair Spray to keep curls in place and tame flyaways 

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts curly hair tutorial 80s hair OUAI Curl Jelly


This is the only time our curly crush brushes her curls