Making this summer your own deep sea paradise is simple: follow Daryl Hannah's lead from the 1984 fantasy film Splash and up your beachy texture tenfold with these mermaid waves. Ahead, we detail step-by-step how different hair types can achieve the ocean-dipped 'do, courtesy of OUAI Wave Spray and some of our other favorite texture heroes.

Curly/Wavy Hair Types

  1. Prep damp hair with OUAI Leave In Conditioner
  2. Follow by scrunching in OUAI Wave Spray (rice protein will make define your wave pattern even more without leaving a crunchy feeling)
  3. Let hair air dry
  4. Finish with a blast of OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray for more grit
  5. Top your ends off with a dime-sized amount of OUAI Finishing Crème

Thin/Flat/Oily Hair Types

  1. Prep dry hair with OUAI Memory Mist Heat Protectant (it'll lock in your styled waves and keep them that way until your next wash)
  2. Create small bends with the GHD Classic 1-inch Styler
  3. Finish with OUAI Dry Texture Foam all over, focusing on mid-lengths to ends (every limp-haired girl's dream, Dry Texture Foam will infuse a lived-in texture plus instant added thickness)
This messy updo à la Penelope Cruz is perfect for summer