Girls on Film: A Messy Updo à la Penélope Cruz in Volver

The mostly female cast of Spanish drama film Volver is one for the women's history books. Leading lady Penélope Cruz plays a working-class woman named Raimunda who does everything in her power to protect her 14-year-old daughter while Raiumunda's mother comes back from the dead. Throughout, Cruz's hairstyle shifts between a messy, voluminous updo and a half-up bouffant, each adorned by rumpled side bangs—sultry counterparts to Cruz's zesty on-screen disposition. Tied with Volver's most memorable feature is the fact that Cruz's performance earned her a 2006 Academy Award nomination, making her the first Spanish woman ever to be nominated in that category. Yes, girl! Here we break down Cruz's big, disheveled updo, which works on squeaky-clean and extra-dirty hair.

  1. Prep damp hair with OUAI Volume Spray at roots 
  2. Prep dry hair with OUAI Dry Texture Foam from ends up
  3. Create a simple ponytail then wrap your hair around the base to conceal the elastic
  4. Take small sections of the ponytail and tease them with a YS Park 150 Teasing Comb until the end of the tail (the messier, the better!) 
  5. If your hair is thin, spray OUAI Soft Hair Spray all over the voluminous mess (if your hair is medium to thick, skip this step)
  6. Use small pins to tuck the teased ponytail pieces into the scalp
  7. Repeat this in sections and continue pinning in random pieces until are pieces are pinned to create a rounded, voluminous shape 
  8. Pull out strands near the face for a relaxed look
  9. Add a dime-size amount of OUAI Finishing Crème to polish bangs
  10. Set the updo with OUAI Soft Hair Spray


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