With the launch of our new Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets, long gone are the days of taking drastic measures to derail the dreaded curse that is frizz, but having a few extra frizz-fighting tricks up our sleeves certainly couldn't hurt, could it? We think not. So you can put your best frizz-less foot forward in life, we tapped Jesus Guerrero, the LA-based celebrity hairstylist behind the locks of the likes of Karen Sarahi, Laura Lee, and Princess Pia Mia, for the frizzy hair fixes he's learned from growing up in humid Houston—scroll ahead to see his guide so you can take frizz down, once and for all.

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Hydrate and Haircut Regularly

Two reasons your hair is frizzy—dry hair and split ends. Keeping your hair hydrated and conditioned properly are key to combating frizz, so make sure to maintain your haircut by getting a trim every three months. Sulfates in your shampoo should also be avoided at all costs, because they tend to strip the hair of its natural oils, which causes hair to dry out and frizz. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, especially if you have color-treated hair.


Skip Shampoo (Sometimes)
Curly hair tends to be a lot dryer so shampooing it more than necessary will make the hair frizzy and unruly. Every other day, skip shampoo and use only conditioner to add an extra boost of moisture, and to help control the frizz. Aside from your normal conditioner, to truly prevent frizz, hair must be hydrated. I always recommend doing a deep conditioner once or twice weekly, depending on the condition of your hair. The OUAI Treatment Masque is one of my all-time favorite deep conditioners!  

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Prep, Prep, Prep  
Prepping the hair is key to shiny, frizz-less hair! One of my favorite hacks for keeping hair silky and straight is prepping hair with either the OUAI Hair Oil or Smooth Spray! To keep frizzy baby hairs in check at the nape of your neck when you’re wearing an updo, use OUAI Soft Mousse, blow dry the hair in the direction the hairstyle calls for, then set it in place with a finishing spray. Fight flyaways on a hairstyle worn down by applying a small amount of OUAI Finishing Crème on the tips of your fingers then applying where needed.


Use Hairspray in Moderation
People assume that packing on hairspray is the answer to making their hairstyle last, but with the moisture and too heavy of a hairspray, or too much of a hairspray, it can actually wear your hair down! Growing up in Houston, I’ve dealt with a lot of humidity and rainy, hot days so I know from experience to be mindful of the amount and kind of hairspray you use. Make sure it’s lightweight, like the OUAI Medium Hair Spray. On a rainy day, instead of a down style, try something a little different. Perhaps a cool side braid or even a sassy ponytail.

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How to De-Frizz Curly Hair

The best way to tame frizz on thick, coarse or curly hair is to slightly re-wet the hair with a water bottle to dampen it, then massage Soft Mousse throughout. Go in with some Finishing Crème to touch up frizzy flyaways. A little goes such a long way. Make sure to really emulsify it in your hands before applying on hair.


How to De-Frizz Wavy Hair
I naturally have really wavy hair, and a lot of times, on the second day or even third day, my hair tends to get a little unruly and wild. My favorite hack to refresh my waves is to add a little texture using OUAI Wave Spray then diffusing it dry. I'll also go in and define a few pieces with a GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron.

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Brush Less

Brushing your hair can be good and bad for frizz. For people who wear their natural texture, avoid brushing your hair, as it will disrupt the style and cause it to frizz. If you’re wearing a sleek style, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair when it's wet, then reach for the Ibiza B4 Blonde Cork Round Brush (for fine hair) or the Ibiza G4 Swirled Cork Round Brush (for thick hair) to smooth it out. Hair should be about 60% air dried before round brushing out.


When All Else Fails, Use Your Fingers
For hair that’s gone puffy from rain, if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, use the Soft Mousse to help redefine your waves or curls. For silky straight hair, use an oil to help bring back the moisture. For naturally tousled hair, Finishing Crème will never fail you! And the OUAI Anti-Frizz Sheets are AMAZING for girls on the go! But if you don’t have any product on hand, what I like to do is rub my hands together and with my natural body heat, rub my fingers over flyaways to control frizz.


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