Do a little dance, make a little foam, get down tonight. Who's feeling frisky because Dry Texture Foam just dropped? Oui oui, we are! Prepare to be mesmerized by the messed up waves-making magic you witness when you get your digits on DTF. Our new wheat protein-infused texturizing foam creates instant undone texture and thickness that lasts all day, so you can fake a French zip code—and get away with it. 

OUAI Dry Texture Foam

When gravity hates your guts, and getting that "just made love" look to stick is a physical impossibility (hi, fine-haired girls and everyone in between!), pop a quarter-size dollop of the foam in your palm then work it on damp or dry hair from the ends up. The lightweight foam formula is gritty, re-workable, and invisible, or in other words a winning recipe for a beachy jeujed mane minus any ratchet traces of residue.

TBH we can't take all the credit for DTF's amazingness. Clap for the foam's superstar ingredients of wheat protein, which adds thickness and body; and texture co-polymers that put the"live" in lived-in texture. The cherry on top? Dry Texture Foam is free of parabens, animal testing, and sodium chloride—duh, like all OUAI products. Fetch some foam for yourself and flaunt French girl texture like a true Parisian.