This season, we're doing your Instagram-scrolling thumb a favor and sourcing fall 2019 hair color inspo from different corners of the globe. Keep scrolling to gauge what hues are trending from Paris to London to Los Angeles, straight from the colorists behind them.

Glossy Golden Hues: London, United Kingdom

It’s golden hour goodness for hair colour trends in the UK this autumn. Whatever you depth level, be it brunette or blonde, a simple tonal change will bring your summer sun-bleached colour in line with the glossy golden hues for this upcoming season.

If you’re brunette, try asking your stylist for a soft natural balayage in subtle hues of toffee, or if you’re a bit more daring, a subtle amber for extra autumnal vibes. Blondes—channel your inner Blake Lively or Margot Robbie and warm it up with honey hues as adding golden tone to blonde hair amplifies gloss and gives your hair such an expensive feel.

Warmer tones can work on all skin tones in moderation, if you're usually inclined to lean toward more ash tones, why not get the best of both worlds with neutral tones that perfectly straddle the worlds of warm and cool super chic. 

Always invest in a shampoo and conditioners, in my experience these are the biggest culprits for colour fade! Think sulphate-free and you're half way there.

My favourite shampoos for looking after warmer colours are by Infuse My Colour, like purple shampoos that stop blondes going brassy. Infuse My Colour also accommodates warm tones and refresh them with just one wash. The Copper Wash and Gold Wash are my favourites for golden glow-ups.

—Founder of Samantha Cusick London, Samantha Cusick @samantha.cusick


Iridescent Lavender and Metallic Green: Paris, France

"Le Glow" will be the strongest trend this winter on blondes with lavender/powder pink iridescent shades. And on brunettes, we'll be seeing green metallic/blue petrol shades definitely for Paris.

Ask your colorist for metallic cool shades if you're a brunette, and an iridescent toner on your balayage if you're a blonde.

It's better to have a matte/tan/warm skin tone and medium to dark eyes to wear the brunette glow shades. Cool light skin tones with medium to light eyes work best the for lavender glow blonde effect.

For daily care maintenance, L'oreal Série Expert Blondifier Shampoo, Masque and Pigment Gel to add is the best way. Silver Shampoo is also great for brunettes.

—L'oreal Pro international colorist, Sacha de Carteret @mysacha 


Creamy Walnut and Scandi Blondes: New South Wales, Australia

Less is more for the Australian girls right now. This season's colours all have a nude finish with a super glossy over tone. Our top requests?

Glossy golden blondes with a scandi hairline

Leaving the hair very shiny and iridescent, golden blondes suit almost any skin tone. Adding in a “scandi hairline” (bleaching or shifting the baby hairs on the hairline post colour service 1-2 shades) has become the top trend in our salon. These are popular on all levels of colour, a detailed hairline helps you stand out from the crowd.

Seamless brunettes with tonal difference. Think bitter walnuts, creamy walnuts, and caramel latte tones.  

When you go in for your appointment, use key descriptive words like "glossy/healthy/sunny," in other words, natural enhancing colour, NOT over coloured. Tell your colourist you want to work with your natural base colour and never take your tones more than two shades lighter or darker than your base. 

These shades work best on complexions with a yellow undertone, and dark-light brown eyes, and green/hazel eyes. 

Have at least three reference pictures of colours you like ready to show your colourist. Also, make it clear what you DON’T like. E.g. Tiger stripes (it’s a no from us).

My number one can’t-live-without is the Christophe Robin Daily Leave In Moisturising Hair Cream. This miracle worker contains SPF 6 to protect your colour from environmental stresses, plus in autumn when temperatures drop and the air is dry, this helps fight the dreaded frizz and flyaways that come from wearing scarves or hats.

I also love the Wella Glam Mist which complements all colours by taking your tones from dry/dull to glossy in just one spray. Simply mist through the mid lengths and ends to boost your colours natural gloss: this makes your hair shine like a diamond without the weighty-oil feeling.

—Founder of Que Colour Salon, Monique McMahon @moniquemcmahoncolour


Toffee Brunettes: Los Angeles, California

I predict “toffee” toned brunettes with soft glowing dimension will be popular in LA this fall.

Ask your colorist for balayage or babylights, as they’re a great way to create the soft dimension and give the glow effect. *Tip: I love a neutral to neutral/warm base color to help give extra glow factor.

I recommend this color for anyone who naturally has light brown to dark brown hair (for blondes, think cappuccino. This color works with most eye colors since it is a neutral warm tone.

A color-safe shampoo is a must. I prefer the vegan/cruelty-free R+Co Gemstone Color Shampoo then follow with Evo Fabuloso Color Intensifying Conditioner to refreshen hair color (customizable colors available).

—Nine Zero One Salon stylist and colorist, Lisa Satorn @lisasatornhair


Beige Blonde: Sefton, Australia 

Given that fall has already passed this year in Sydney, Australia; I can share with you some of our insights from the most highly requested colours of the fall season that just past. Without a doubt, beige blonde has been the most requested colour of the season at our salon. 

I love a good shadow root melted to beige blonde ends. This full bleach and colour package involves the mix of a darker tone on the roots and second toner of beige blonde throughout the ends blended together for seamless transition. I personally love creating a root smudge that is close to my client's natural hair colour so that the regrowth overtime looks more natural and less harsh when the colour fades. 

I personally believe that anyone could rock this colour. Beige blonde has hints of ashy and warm golden tones that is suited to all complexions. As seen in the pictures, our clients with different skin tones rock our Beige Blonde colour and I think they all look stunning in their own way. I try to encourage clients to embrace their individuality and have the self confidence to embrace their beauty regardless of their hair tone or skin colour. My mission is to help inspire people to feel confident in their skin no matter what their age, skin colour, hair colour or ethnicity is. 

Having bleached hair means there's quite a bit of aftercare involved. Using salon-quality shampoo and conditioners and bond repair products. Our favourites are from the Olaplex range. Keep you hair hydrated using serums and oils daily such as the OUAI Hair Oil. Use heat protectants and keep your heated styling tools below a temperature of 150-degrees celsius to prevent your colour from fading quickly. Also, ask your stylist for a custom mix of colour treatment to help you keep your colour fresh in between salon visits. 

—Founder of Ultrafade by Rich Salon, Rich Tran @ultrafadebyrich 


Chocolates with Caramel Highlights: New York, New York

I call this trend the winter warmup—natural colors with tones on tones, chocolates with caramel or toffee highlights, and honey blonde with buttery highlights.  

Every artist has their own way of working, so I think the best way is to tell your colorist what you like either with a picture of you or the color that you like. I don't think the technique or brand of color is important at all. 

These colors are neutral and can work with any skin tone, it's just a matter of customizing for your own preference. 

Glosses are extremely important because it consistently keeps your color fresh and shiny. The Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss comes in five different shades and should be used after shampoo and before conditioner two to four times a week for optimal shine and brilliance. 

—Celebrity colorist, Rita Hazan @ritahazan

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