Ready or not, hair she comes—our new Volumizing Hair Spray officially drops July 31st. Just a few spritzes of the gravity-defying gold will take your locks higher than the waist of your vintage jeans. We're talking 80's (volume), baby. Get to know Volumizing Hair Spray better as we answer our followers' frequently asked questions about the va-va-volume-inducing product—like how it differs from Volume Spray, when to use it instead of Texturizing Hair Spay, and "new hair, who dis?" before and after photos—ahead.

What are its key ingredients?

  • Volumizing Polymers- deliver the perfect amount of lasting hold without the crunchiness
  • Panthenol- conditions, protects and adds shine
  • Vitamin E- protects hair from future damage

What's the difference between Volumizing Hair Spray and Volume Spray?

Volume Spray is heat-activated and meant to be used on damp hair for adding thickness and building up the diameter; whereas Volumizing Hair Spray is for dry hair only, and uses aerosol and volumizing polymers to lift and freeze voluminous hair in place for scaffolding. 

How do I use it? 

Separate dry hair into sections, spray at the root and scrunch for instant lift. For all-over added thickness, lift hair and spray from root to ends. 

When should I use Volumizing Hair Spray instead of Volume Spray?

Use Volumizing Hair Spray on dry hair to pump up your roots, or all over from roots to ends for maximum volume. Use Volume Spray on damp hair before a blowout or before rough blowdrying. 

What's the difference between Volumizing Hair Spray and Texturizing Hair Spray?

Volumizing Hair Spray focuses on lifting the hair and getting it higher than Snoop Dogg while Texturizing Hair Spray expands strands to spread body and grit sideways.

Can it be used on wet or dry hair?

Use on dry hair only.

Does it work on curly hair too?

It works on all hair types!

How long will its voluminous effects last?

Our long-lasting formula will get you through the whole day so basically from a 6am matcha latte to an 8pm pilates class.

What does it smell like?

Just like Treatment Masque and Rose Hair & Body Oil, it smells like our signature Melrose Place Fragrance, which contains notes of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee, Cedar-wood, and White Musk.

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