Have you met our new summer drop yet?! OUAI After Sun Body Soother is available NOW at theOUAI.com and theOUAI.co.uk. Super-smooth and fizzly, OUAI After Sun Body Soother was made to cool sun-kissed skin with aloe, cucumber extract and rose hip oil. Quantities are limited so yes, get two! But in case you have questions about our first ever body only product—like why it makes that satisfying crackling sound, when to use it, and if it's safe on sensitive skin—then keep scrolling for everything you need to know about what'll become your favorite summer accessory.

OUAI after sun body soother launch

Why is it in a gold can?

Because it’s our golden child! It’s our first ever BODY ONLY product and it's limited edition so get it while it’s hot! (literally, it’s the perfect summer accessory!) 

Is it safe on sensitive skin?

Yes! It has been Dermatologically and Clinically tested and is safe and compatible for sensitive skin. 

Can I use on my face?

Stick to the body. The facial skin is much more delicate and can be more prone to breakouts or reactions with products that aren’t made specifically for the face.

When should I use this?

Anytime! Use it after a long day at the pool or the beach for a cooling burst of hydration to the skin. It will instantly soothe your skin with its cooling bubbles. Or use it every day straight out of the shower for added moisture and to smell like a tropical island!

When should I not use this?

Never use on broken, blistered or bleeding skin as it could cause more irritation to a wound that is essentially trying to heal. 

How does it make that crackling sound?

We can’t share the exact secret to this cool sound but we can tell you that it’s a combination of the formula and the package working together to make it dispense a foam with a crackling noise. 

What do you mean when you say it’s a body soother?

Because this formula is so unique and such a different texture, we named it based on what it does—soothes the skin. Essentially it’s a moisturizing gel that can be used just like a lotion, giving your skin a hydration boost, bringing dry skin back to life with the moisture it needs to feel nourished and supple. 

Does this product cure sun burns?

No. This product is not meant to cure/treat a sunburn. It is, however, intended to soothe sun exposed skin that may be dehydrated, dry or in desperate need of a boost of moisture.

Will this extend the life of my tan?


Is this product paraben free?


Is this product vegan friendly?


Is this cruelty free?

Yes.OUAI After Sun Body Soother

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