Ready, set, spring is here! You can't slay the season without snagging a can of our current obsession and weightless texturizing foam Dry Texture Foam. Because we're OUAI into how we fit into your routine, we've been keeping a running list of all your questions and DMs about DTF—and now we're here to answer them. Keep reading for our guide to DTF for dummies, including the hair types it works best on, when/how to use it, and what it smells like. 

Is Dry Texture Foam similar to Dry Shampoo Foam?

Only the texture of the foam itself is the same. The purpose of each product is completely different. DTF is more like a matte pomade without the weight whereas Dry Shampoo Foam cleanses hair while adding instant volume and shine. Basically, DTF is for the party and Dry Shampoo Foam is for the morning after. DTF gives you that after-party Kate Moss sexy look and Dry Shampoo Foam makes it look (and smell) like you stayed home watching movies under a soft blanket. 

I’m a diehard OUAI-er but help, how do I use this? Do I have to style with heat?

Nope! Ditch the heat and simply use DTF to style. Rub a quarter-size dollop between your hands and then massage into your hair for an undone, textured look. Watch our DTF tutorial for extra guidance, and a mind-blowing before and after.

Should it be used on wet or dry hair?

Dry. Work it from the ends up for workable, lived-in looking texture. 

Can I use it on my roots?

You can definitely use Dry Texture Foam on your roots for all over depth and a little lift. If you're looking for more volume, try the Texturizing Hair Spray. 

Will it make my straight hair curly after I've spent time blowing it out? 

No OUAI! But it will add long-lasting, piece-y French girl perfection. 

Can I use it on roots for volume, or just on mid-shaft to ends?

You’re better off hitting your roots with Texturizing Hair Spray for volume. DTF is more to inject hair with thickness and body, thanks to wheat proteins.

I have thick, coarse naturally wavy hair. Is this the product for me?

Yup! You can always prep with Wave Spray to enhance your waves then kind of mess them up with DTF. 

Is this product good for straight, fine hair?

DTF is a heaven sent product for straight-haired girls who need a lil' extra something. Texturizing Co-Polymers deliver just the right amount of hold without the tackiness.

OUAI Dry Texture Foam

What's the difference between Dry Texture Foam and Texturizing Hair Spray?

The difference between these two products is primarily in the amount of texture provided and the amount of hold. You're going to get a significantly piecier look with the foam than you would with the hairspray. The Texturizing Hair Spray contains dry shampoo for a voluminous, almost fluffy pieciness while the foam is better for achieving more of a rumpled look (think MK Olsen circa 2007) on mid-lengths to ends. The foam also has way more hold than the spray and works great as a pomade alternative on short hair. 

Is it going to enhance naturally wavy hair? Or should I stick with the Soft Mousse?

They have totally different purposes. DTF will mess up waves and curls in a good, gritty way but it won’t really bring out a wave or curl the way Soft Mousse does.

Does it smell like Leave In Conditioner?

Actually, yes! Leave In Conditioner and DTF both smell of OUAI N°2, a beautiful floral fragrance that contains notes of Bergamot, Italian Lemon, Rose de Mai, Magnolia, Lily, Blackberry, Violet, Cedarwood, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and White Musk. Click here for a comprehensive guide to OUAI scents. 

For the love of foam, shop Dry Texture Foam, below!