Cute Sweat-Proof Workout Hairstyles from Our Favorite Influencers

Blink your eyes once and before you know it, spring break will be in full swing. Until beach days, bike rides, and pool parties ensue, it's time to get ready, set, sweat, and treat your body like the temple that it is. But not without a cute workout hairstyle to complete your new year wellness routine. Here, we rounded up cute, sweat-proof 'dos that won't budge—whether you're putting in work at pilates or serving straight KOs in the ring—courtesy of some of our favorite influencers.

Double Dutch Pigtails

Knock out your boxing partner in a cool, KO-appropriate look like Josephine Skriver's double Dutch braids. We think this tutorial will help.  

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60-Second Topknot

Got bangs? Make like Cami Morrone and throw up your strands as high as they'll go, securing the messy mane with a OUAI Condom Hair Tie.

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Side Braid

Evelina's side braid doubles as a stylish sweat shield, and once the braid is undone, an effortless wave enhancer.

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Twisted Rope Ponytail

If you suck at doing your own hair, aim for Andrea Brooks' twisted rope ponytail. Simply tie your strands into a low side ponytail and secure. Then take two equal sections and twist together until you meet the end, then secure with an elastic.

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Upside Down Braided High Pony

For the more advanced braider, Dani Song's upside down braided ponytail is key for keeping slippery back hairs in place throughout spin class.

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Sleek Pony

Pro tip when snagging Hailey Baldwin's sleek pony: Spray a brush with OUAI Medium Hair Spray then use it to brush through the hair as you gather it to the back.

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Space Buns 

Jenn Im's double buns are a super cute alternative to the plain ol' pony. Note to short-haired girls: Use bobby pins to hold down the hairs that don't fit into the hair tie. Keep a Mini OUAI Dry Shampoo in your bag for a fast post-workout refresher.

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French Braids 

Keep curls in check in a protective style French braid like Brit Watkins'. Apply OUAI Treatment Masque before braiding and let your locks soak in all the restorative goodness while you sweat, like Artichoke Leaf Extract, which softens and protects from future damage. 

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Braided Pigtails

Amy Pham's braided pigtails come as uncomplicated as gym hair gets. If you're hair is thinner at the ends, ditch a bulky tie and instead use a BLAX Elastic to secure the tails.

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Sleek Bun

When you're running at cheetah-like speed on the treadmill, you'll thank yourself for wearing Jaleesa's flyaway-free bun—no work out can faze her fixed 'do. Watch how she gets the exact sleek bun, here.

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 Another perf workout style—Khloe Kardashian's fun bun