We don't blame you for feeling like the Grinch of going back to school after an ah-mazing summer break. No more sleeping in late or letting the ocean create mermaid waves for you makes the return to class a pain in the you know what. So, when you find yourself in bed with the urge to snooze till you cruise back into your dreams, go ahead—because a list of cute back-to-school hairstyles that actually call for laziness, you'll have the luxury of sleeping in. Scroll ahead for a lesson in the easiest back-to-school hairstyles.

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Bandana Knot

If you can tie a hair tie then you can definitely tie a bandana around your half-up topknot then walk out the door looking like you tried. Add a dab of Matte Pomade on the ends to strike piecey gold.


Space Buns

Sleeping in late wouldn't be a thing if you didn't carry Coachella's favorite hairstyle into your everyday school life. Leave the front pieces out and, depending on your hair texture, go over them with Finishing Crème to banish flyaways.


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Curly Headband

Yes, you can even get away with mane murder on wash days—simply scrunch in Curl Jelly on damp hair, wrap a scarf around your hairline, and bounce.


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Velvet Turban

Wake up and wash and go with Air Dry Foam and arrive at school with defined waves that are OUAI more woke than you. Pull the look together with a touch of velvet.


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Scrunchie Updo

No one will notice that the only thing holding your life together is a scrunchie if you infuse your curls with more ounce per bounce by applying a mixture of Hair Oil and Curl Jelly


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Messy, Low Bun

We get asked all the time how to make a messy, low bun look intentionally messy. The key: embrace your bedhead with a little Dry Shampoo Foam at the roots for sure-I-showered shine, and a blast of Texturizing Hair Spray all over. 


Pierced Knots

When midterms roll around and you roll off your bed to get ready, roll up your hair into three mini topknots (the messier, the merrier) and adorn with small hoop earrings or hair charms. Oh, and don't forget the Dry Shampoo to hide your showerless week.


Fluffy Pony

First day of school but you're still not down to spend more than 10 minutes on your 'do. Enter: the flirty pony. Your scalp might be itching for some Scalp & Body Scrub but no one can tell because you loaded on the Dry Shampoo Foam, and fluffed up your pony with Volumizing Hair Spray.


Bubble Pony on a Time Budget 

You'll be seeing your crush in class today so you consider putting in some effort. Effort equals scrunchies to create a bubble pony. Throw a box of Anti-Frizz Sheets in your backpack and swipe from roots to tips before taking your seat.


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If you thought concealer was the only genius beauty hack for hiding all-nighters, think again. A visor shows off your strands' street-chic fashion sense and keeps puffy eyes low-key. 


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Wispy Updo

Hit snooze as many times as you want—this updo can take you from beauty sleep to bio class when you adorn it with a silk scrunchie. 


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Barely-Had-Time Braids

Uncooperative locks meet the quick, three-strand braid. Create as many as you want down the back of your head and secure with a snag-less hair tie. Apply Rose Hair & Body Oil on the ends for a glossy finish.


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Half-Up Curly

No time to diffuse your curls? Wash and go with Soft Mousse, the never-crunchy creator of perfectly curly curls. 


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