You didn’t hear it from us but all the curly hair-specific products out there right now are ~sooo~ old school. That’s why we decided to ask you (via social) exactly what you want and need from a curl product that’s suitable for a modern, 2017 lifestyle. Then, after your much-appreciated honesty and a ton of hard work, we made it - the first ever crowd-sourced curl product; Curl Jelly! And it’s honestly so so good. It’s perfect for the curl-on-the-go and has everything you said you wanted; weightless hydration, zero crunch, diffuser-level curl definition without twisting or heat, and true frizz fighting power. OH and the best part - it’s a true one-step product. Just wash, jelly and go. We chose to create Curl Jelly with a one of a kind jelly consistency so that it offers the hold and definition of a gel and the hydration of an oil – creating soft, glossy curls in a single step. It’s everything you want in a curl product (we know because we asked) and it’s ready now! As of today, you can break up with your multi step routine, throw away all your old nonsense products (we won’t tell) and get more bounce per ounce with Curl Jelly.

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