Coming Soon: Smooth Spray, the Leave-in that Won't OUAI You Down

No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Uh, is it just us or is that also your mood AF while brushing your hair after a shower? Not for long. Introducing your new post-shower superpower, Smooth Spray, a leave-in conditioner that frees your life of frizz and fills it with super sleek strands. Brush in one hand, hellish hair in the other, attempting to detangle the disaster that is your next-level knotty hair. The struggle was real before Smooth Spray, but that sh*t show is canceled, over! A pre-styling hydrating hair mist with thermal protection, Smooth Spray also tames flyaways, leaving hair extra glossy and soft as a silk kimono. 

OUAI Smooth Spray
When our product development wheels started whirling, we had one goal: create a major leave-in with maximum gloss and minimum weight. A curation of three killer key ingredients later, and the result is shiny Cher hair in a bottle. Trust when we say your tresses are in for a treat with Smooth Spray—for that, you can thank a blend of amino acids that strengthen hair structure; panthenol and vitamin E, which hydrate and prevent future breakage; and hydrolyzed proteins, which protect against damage caused by heat styling.

OUAI Smooth Spray
Whether your mane is brittle, frizzy, color-damaged or a plain pain in the you-know-what, Smooth Spray is the solution to all your sucky strand issues. Mist onto damp hair before brushing or heat styling and it'll transform unmanageable mane mayhem into brushable bliss. Or in other words, a dry to fly 'do in a flash. Wait for it, Smooth Spray drops August 1st right here on theouai.couk.