Whoever said good things come in small packages clearly missed the memo on the magic of mega-volume. We say, the bigger the hair, the closer to a fab hair day. But we get it—climbing the volume ladder can be such a mish for flat locks, which is why we invented Volume Spray. For volume-seekers looking to take their va-va-volume up another notch, reach for a brush. Coupled with Volume Spray, the right brush is guaranteed to lift lifeless locks. Here to let us in on the brushes she swears by is celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, the woman behind the manes of the Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen, and Olivia Culpo. Keep reading for Justine's go-to brushes to add volume to a variety of hairstyles, and exactly how she cleans hers.

The Perfect Brush:

For a Big, Bouncy Blowout- “I love my R+Co Boar Bristle Round Brushes because they get great tension on the hair and I can really manipulate the hair texture. I’ll prep the hair with a volumizer then blow-dry with my GHD Air Professional Performance Hairdryer and wrap the hair around the brush. Then I use my Mason Pearson Brush to buckbrush for added fullness.”

For a High, Flirty Ponytail- “I like to use my Raincry Volume Magnesium Brush for this so that I can get a lot of volume in the hair and I can spiral the hair as I release the brush to add memory and hold to the curls before pulling it up!”

For Big, Fluffy Curls- “I’ll diffuse the hair with my diffuser attachment on the GHD Hairdryer then use a Sheila Stotts Removal Brush to buckbrush the hair for bouncy curls and lots of volume.”

When You Don’t Have a Brush On Hand

“Sometimes I will fold the hair up in my hand and blow-dry it in my hands for a natural wave pattern to the hair! I know a lot of girls that swear by pulling the hair up in a messy bun then letting it air dry, or blowdrying over it then releasing for lots of waves and volume.”

When You Want Big Volume On the Go

“I love the mini Sheila Stotts Purse Size Application Brush, Balmain Mini Brush, and Pocket Mason Pearson brush.”

When It’s Time to Clean Your Brushes

“I always loosen any hair that’s stuck in it with a wide-tooth comb or a hair rake that is made for brushes. About once a week, I’ll soak them and wash in disinfectant, but after every client I’ll spray with a brush cleaning antiseptic spray that’s sold at Namie's.”